Three Women Juggle Law School and Careers

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From left, Goralczyk '15, Terraferma '15, and Zanello '15

Lindsay Zanello ’15 did not have law school in her sights while working as a paralegal for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Her aunt, Joyce Galante ’65, a family law solo practitioner and Zanello’s mentor, eventually converted her. “She worked on me for a long time, and two years ago I finally knew I was ready. I’m looking to be done in 2015 so that I graduate 50 years after she did.”

Carrie Terraferma ’15 also needed the right push from the right person, in this case, two people. While working in The Golub Corporation’s legal office as a paralegal for six years, she received routine coaxing from Christine Daniels ’81, Golub’s vice president of legal services and corporate secretary, and William Kenneally, senior vice president and general counsel. 

Suddenly, with a one-year old, I said, ‘It’s now or never’.”

“Eventually their encouragement warmed me to the idea,” Terraferma said. “And now they are my mentors. Working in an in-house legal department at Golub is very exciting to me, compared to the two large firms I previously worked at.”

For Jacqueline Goralczyk ’15, the pressure to attend law school came from within. She owns Network Settlement Services, a title insurance company in Clifton Park, N.Y. With a husband and one-year-old son, she braced herself for the compounded demands of law school, family and running a business. But, she said, she had little choice given her determination to study law.

“I have always planned on going to law school. My business took me off course. Suddenly, with a one-year old, I said, ‘It’s now or never’.”

The three full-time working students found one another quickly. Isolated from the typical law school experience and committed to a fast-paced, regimented schedule that features zero down-time, the three formed an immediate friendship.

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