Cucuzza '12 Coordinates Campus Wellness Initiatives

Cucuzza '12 Coordinates Campus Wellness Initiatives

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Between classes and studying, Jacquelyn Cucuzza '12 finds time to work in the Office of Student Affairs, coordinating wellness programs for students.

"This type of program can be really helpful in maintaining balance during law school," said Cucuzza, who herself takes advantage of many of the classes she coordinates for the Office of Student Affairs' Wellness Series. "It's vital to have positive activities that can help mitigate the stress of class, work and other obligations."

One component of the Wellness Series is counseling for students, spanning such issues as financial planning, stress and depression. The wellness program also offers students weekly yoga and zumba classes in the law school gymnasium, as well as weekly chair massages in the cafeteria lounge.

Cucuzza, a Long Island native, has quickly established a track record of helping people during her time at Albany Law School. As a 2L, she practiced in the Family Violence Litigation Clinic, representing victims of domestic violence from around the Capital Region.

"I went to trial for one client, and we were able to win a really positive outcome," recalled Cucuzza. "That moment, in particular, was immensely rewarding."

Cucuzza spent the past summer working at a law firm in Long Island.

"While my future career path seems wide open, I know already that I get a great deal of satisfaction from advocating on behalf of others," said Cucuzza, who expects to return to Long Island to practice law upon graduation.

Cucuzza, with Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Susan Feathers and other students, is developing a Wellness Week at the end of the fall semester, timed to coincide with the beginning of finals. For more information on the Office of Student Affairs' Wellness Series, or Wellness Week, contact