Braman '15 Earns National Bank Scholarship for Albany Law Pro Bono Work

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Rachel Braman was recently awarded $5,000 from the Citizens Bank’s TruFit Good Citizen Scholarship for her volunteer efforts that are making a significant difference in the community. She was selected as one of 10 winners from more than 2,000 applicants.

Braman earned the scholarship through her work on Albany Law School’s Anti-Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project and her involvement with the Love Infinitely Project, a non-profit organization that encourages people to give back to the community by using their natural talents.

Braman established the current Anti-Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project at the beginning of her second year.

“The goal of the project is to reach out to potential victims of trafficking to inform them of how to get help,” she said. “We also want to educate others on what to do if they think someone is a victim.”

Currently, the project works with local attorney Judy Nolfo-McKenna to present to the community about knowing one’s rights. They plan to also educate people on how to get involved with anti-trafficking legislation.


“To begin with, we want to visit local high schools to raise awareness about the problem,” Braman said, explaining that human trafficking is a prevalent issue in the United States despite its lack of attention in the media, and that there are ways to spot it and prevent it.

Long term, this project will continue to develop ways to combat human trafficking through partnerships with various groups in the community.

Braman grew up in Latham, N.Y, and now resides in Rochester. With lawyers for parents, Braman had law school as a career path in the back of her mind while growing up.

“Once I got older,” Braman said, “I wanted a career path where I would have the ability to help others in a way they cannot help themselves while also having the ability to open and run my own business.”

Braman realized her desire to be a lawyer after earning her paralegal degree and working as an administrative assistant and paralegal for three years.   

In addition to her work at Albany Law School, Braman volunteers as a blogger for the Love Infinitely Project, where she writes about giving back to the community and loving others, her volunteering experiences, and people who are trying their best to make the world a better place. She chose to get involved with this organization because it funds various volunteer projects around the world.

Braman explains that most people want to give back or have an idea for how they would like to help, but often do not follow through with their ideas; the Love Infinitely Project, she says, gives them the push that they need to keep making a difference.

Braman is in her third year at Albany Law School, and hopes to combine her career in law with her affinity for social media and blogging. Braman sees herself working in a law firm after graduation to get exposure to a wide range of law. She plans to continue to combat human trafficking and volunteering for the Love Infinitely Project, and encourages others to get involved with volunteer groups.

“If you are passionate about making something work or creating a new project,” Braman says, “Finding others with that same passion and motivation is a key to success.”


By Eirinn Norrie