Student Organizations

There are countless opportunities to connect with dozens of groups. Students get involved in one or several student organizations on campus. While several groups are designed to give students a hard-earned break from the intensity of their academics, many groups are focused on law. These organizations host events throughout the year, such as guest speakers, conferences, symposia and informal sessions on a range of legal topics. These groups can change from year to year and students often create new groups based on their own interests.

Albany Government Law Review 
The Albany Government Law Review is a student-edited law review, publishing articles on a variety of issues relating to legal aspects of government and public policy. Its strong connection to the school's nationally recognized Government Law Center and its location in the state capital provides the unique opportunity to publish critical and analytical articles written by leading scholars and academics on significant government topics. In addition to serving as an academic forum for legal scholarship, the Albany Government Law Review is designed to be an effective research tool for practicing lawyers and students. To contact the Government Law Review, email

Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology
Begun in 1990, the journal is a student-managed publication dedicated to the development of the law as it relates to the sciences and the increasing effect of technology upon society. Articles chosen for publication are on the cutting edge of issues in today's legal and scientific communities. Membership is offered to students based not only on performance in a writing competition, but also to those who rank in the top of their class upon completion of their first year. The editorial board participates in workshops and edits submissions while all members write notes and comments, helping to refine their skills in legal writing, research and group dynamics. To contact the journal, call 518-445-5855 or email

Albany Law Philosophic Society
The Philosophic society seeks to approach the law and legal issues through a broad intellectual lens. It recognizes that law is not only a practical course of study, but also one whose effects reach all parts of life and society. This being so, it is proper that the law be studied not only as a static instrumentality, providing a set means to an end, but also that the underlying axioms and societal norms which guide the development and application of laws are deserving of study in their own right. To this end, the Albany Law Philosophic Society seeks to foster discussion and analysis or philosophical, intellectual and political questions which arise by and through the law. This is to be done through a collegial atmosphere of open fora wherein all members are encouraged to contribute their views.

Albany Law Review
Founded more than 70 years ago, the Albany Law Review publishes critical and analytical articles written by judges, lawyers and law school professors, as well as notes and comments on legal topics written by law review members and other Albany Law students. After completion of first-year course work, students are invited to join the law review based on either academic standing or performance in an annual writing competition open to students who earn a grade-point average specified by the faculty. Law review membership offers students an exceptional opportunity to develop and refine skills in legal research, analysis and writing. Email

Albany Law School Civil Liberties Union (CLU)
Albany Law School's Chapter of the Civil Liberties Union (in conjunction with ACLU and NYCLU) is open to all students, without regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, aesthetics, etc. The Albany Law CLU was formed to provide a forum for discussion and advancement of American civil rights, civil liberties and other related activities. Activities range from academic, professional and cultural events to social support. The organization also helps bring speakers to the school to generate discussion and debate on different topics, providing students the opportunity to network with alumni and local attorneys.

Albany Law School Students for Reproductive Justice
Students for Reproductive Justice, or Law Students for Choice (SFC) is an national organization of students dedicated to the protection and promotion of reproductive health care rights. In a time of constant attack on the right of every person to choose, legal advocacy has never been more important. The mission of Albany Law's chapter is to:

  1. Increase campus awareness of constitutional and state law concerning reproductive rights through on- and off-campus lectures
  2. Provide volunteer opportunities within the community with local reproductive rights organizations
  3. Create networking opportunities for Albany Law students with national reproductive rights organizations

Albany Law School's SFC educates, organizes and supports pro-choice law students to ensure that emerging legal advocates can successfully defend and expand reproductive rights. For more information about Law Students for Choice, visit

Armed Service Members of Albany Law (ASMAL)
The Armed Service Members of Albany Law (ASMAL) is an organization open to all students that exists to recognize and honor those who have served the United States of America in the armed services. The group sponsors the "Week of Remembrance," a week surrounding Veteran's Day in which speakers are brought to the school to discuss their respective experiences in the armed services. Literature honoring veterans is distributed throughout the school and a ceremony is held on Nov. 11 in conjunction with Veteran's Day. The organization hopes to establish a strong connection with alumni who have served this nation to facilitate awareness within the student body of their sacrifices and to establish a connection between those alumni and the students of Albany Law School.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)
Dedicated to assisting its members in achieving their goals during law school, the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) encourages student involvement with issues touching the legal profession, the law school and the Asian and Pacific communities. Activities range from academic, professional and cultural events to social support.

Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)
The Association of Trial Lawyers of America Student Chapter is an organization that helps its members gain practical experience in the unique field of trial practice. ATLA is dedicated to educating future lawyers on the issues affecting trial attorneys and encourages future lawyers to cultivate skills relevant to the trade through workshops, event speakers and a National Student Trial Advocacy Competition. In addition, members become acquainted with practicing trial lawyers in the area, as well as with students who share the same interest in trial work.

Basketball Club

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)
In an effort to articulate and promote the professional needs and interests of African-American students, the Black Law Students Association sponsors active recruitment efforts, guest lecturers, a film series and academic support programs. Members participate in regional and national BLSA activities and in community programs designed to broaden minority awareness and provide role models for community minorities.

Cardozo Legal Society
The goal of the Cardozo Society is to meet the social, religious and cultural needs of Albany Law School's Jewish student population and to strengthen awareness of Jewish culture and traditions. The Cardozo Society hosts speakers, social events and holiday celebrations. The society also features an Attorney Mentoring Program, giving students the opportunity to learn from and network with area attorneys.

Chess Club

Cycling Club
The Albany Law Cycling Team is open to all cyclists, from the casual rider to the serious racer. The goal of the team is to connect the bike riding community of Albany Law School and enable people to get out and enjoy the outdoors together on bikes. There is also the opportunity for students to represent Albany Law in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, the collegiate cycling racing season in the spring.

Environmental Law Society
The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a student organization focused around environmental law and promoting environmental protection. In the past, the organization has brought both the "Mission Wolf" and "Rapture: Birds of Prey" programs to Albany Law School, allowing people from the school and the community to learn about and come into contact with endangered animals. The ELS takes field trips to Howe Caverns, sponsors programs to help clean up pollution on the streets of Albany, and sponsors events at Albany Law for younger children to learn about environmental law. The organization also helps bring speakers to the school and sponsors forums to generate discussions and debates on different topics relating to the environment and environmental law. Students also gain the opportunity to network with alumni practicing in the field of environmental law.

The Federalist Society (ELS)
Founded on conservative and libertarian principles of government, the Federalist Society hopes to influence the current state of the legal order through debates, speeches and other events. 

Health Law Society (HLS)
The Health Law Society at Albany Law School is an organization committed to providing a forum for discussion to promote awareness about contemporary issues regarding health law, health care policy and bioethics. HLS strives to accomplish these goals by organizing panel discussions, seminars, debates and networking events with experts in various facets of health law. HLS is also in a unique position to maintain continuous relationships with Albany Medical College (AMC) and Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. HLS plans to co-sponsor events with these surrounding schools to create a comprehensive understanding of the implications of health law in society for our students. HLS is also connected with the faculty at Alden March Bioethics Institute at AMC, for those law students who are interested in pursuing the joint JD/MS in Bioethics.

Intellectual Property Law Society
Comprised of students interested in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets law, the Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) enables students and faculty to stay informed of current issues and technological advances in this ever-changing field. The IPLS organizes lectures, job information sessions and other activities of interest.

International Law Society
Committed to broadening the understanding of international perspectives, the International Law Society (ILS) sponsors lectures, symposia and other events to illuminate various facets of international law. Recently, the society helped form a Northeast Regional Society, bringing together neighboring ILS chapters in common effort.

The Issue
The editorial philosophy of The Issue, Albany Law School's student newspaper, is to produce a quality paper that is informative, interesting to read, and responsive. All members of the law school community are invited to contribute to The Issue and students are encouraged to join the paper's staff.

Italian American Law Student Association(IALSA)
Albany Law School's Italian American Law Student Association is a group in pursuit of a common goal of representing the legal community while celebrating a common Italian-American heritage. IALSA is also a student chapter of the greater upstate Capital District National Italian American Bar Association (NIABA). IALSA/NIABA welcomes members of all ethnicities, heritages and religions.

Labor and Employment Law Student Association (LELSA)
The purpose of the Labor and Employment Law Students Association is to provide a forum to educate and teach an awareness of underlying labor and employment law issues and values. Furthermore, LELSA will endeavor to provide a solid knowledge of labor and employment law, contribute to the growth of labor and employment law, contribute to the education of the public on labor and employment issues, and develop skills to administer and improve labor and employment law policy. LELSA is currently pursuing these goals by providing forums for the exchange of information regarding labor and employment issues. LELSA also participates in organizing the Labor and Employment Law Alumni Mentoring Program where Albany Law students interested in having a local labor and employment law attorney as mentor may participate. Finally, LELSA is involved in campus events for students.

Latino American Law Students Association (LALSA)
Established to further the rights and interests of Albany Law School's Latino students, the Latino American Law Student Association's (LALSA) diverse membership includes students from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Moot Court Program
Albany Law School's nationally recognized Moot Court Program offers opportunities for students to develop skills in the areas of trial advocacy, appellate advocacy, client counseling and negotiating. The program is made up of both intramural and interscholastic competitions.

Muslim Law Student Association (MLSA)
The Muslim Law Students Association has monthly meetings, educational and religious events, and regular social activities. The MLSA strives to provide a forum for the discussion of issues, both legal and non-legal, pertinent to Muslims and relevant to the general Albany Law community. The MLSA coordinates activities with other student groups, works to foster greater dialogue, and educates the Albany Law School community on Islam.

Non-Traditional Student Association
Albany Law School's Non-Traditional Student Association (NTSA) is open to all students who do not view themselves as "typical" law students, e.g., students who are married, commute, have children, or all or none of the above. Seeking to define and meet challenges arising from the law school experience, the group coordinates picnics, potluck dinners, parties, lunches and speakers.

Outdoor Club
The Outdoor Club is dedicated to exposing students to life outside the classroom and away from the stress of everyday law school life. Trips are designed to introduce and inform students about the Adirondacks and New York state's wilderness. The Outdoor Club achieves this goal through weekend camping trips, ski trips, day hikes and rock climbing, as well as other outdoor events. The big trip of the year comes every spring when the snow has melted and the waters are high; that's right, white water rafting.

Established to provide support for gay, lesbian and bisexual students and faculty, Lambda Law provides a forum for all students where diversity is celebrated and not penalized. Symposia, panels, postings, meetings and socials educate the Albany Law community on issues that affect the lesbian, gay and bisexual community.

People's Law Project
A community-outreach program, students prepare and present lectures on a variety of topics to inform community members of their legal rights and responsibilities. During this process, students refine their research and public speaking skills, present a positive image of the legal profession, and provide a service to the community. Previous topics have included landlord-tenant rights, small claims court and traffic violations.

Phi Alpha Delta
The Nelson A. Rockefeller Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International attempts to enhance the law school experience by sponsoring professional and social programs for students, the community, and the law profession. The fraternity sponsors scholarship and student loan programs and offers a national placement service.

Rugby Club (Men's)
The Rugby Football Club is a proud Albany Law School tradition dating back more than 36 years. Open to all students, the team is the only student-run organization that regularly competes against other colleges and universities. Whether one is an experienced player or has never set foot on the rugby pitch, all are welcome to learn and enjoy the game. The team plays both a fall and spring season and hosts two annual tournaments: the Alumni Weekend in the fall and the William M. Watkins Memorial Tournament in the spring. The Watkins tournament in the spring is the premier annual event for the team, and is held in memory of the late Prof. Watkins whose tireless efforts served to establish the tradition that is Albany Law rugby. The team is also active in community service and works with the American Red Cross and the Ronald McDonald House charities, volunteering both time and services.

Softball Team
The Albany Law School Softball Team is open to all students at all playing levels. Consisting of multiple co-ed teams, both recreational and competitive, the goal is to connect with other softball enthusiasts in the Albany area and provide an opportunity to network with alumni, the legal community and other professionals. Spring, summer and fall leagues allow for play throughout most of the year. Additionally, the team participates in many nationwide charity softball tournaments, including the Annual NGSL Invitational in Virginia, which features teams from other law schools from all over the country. 

Sports Law Forum
The purpose of the Sports Law Forum is to provide its members with an outlet to debate and discuss various legal issues arising in the world of sports. As the field of sports law continues to emerge, many law students are interested in pursuing summer internships with athletic organizations, and ultimately practicing in the field. The Sports Law Forum gives students an opportunity to learn about the possible issues and challenges that may lie ahead if they choose to embark on a career in Sports Law. In addition to hosting debates between its members and various faculty members, the Sports Law Forum also will provide guest lecturers open to the entire student body, as well as various social activities corresponding with major sporting events.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)
The Albany Law School SALDF is dedicated to providing and promoting a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of animal law. The Albany Law School SALDF is dedicated to the goals of educating the law school and surrounding community about forms of institutionalized animal abuse, and engaging in activities to promote these goals including, but not limited to: projects, programs, conferences, debates, hosting speakers, and carrying out research projects for lawyers and organizations promoting animal welfare.

Student Bar Association
A principal channel of communication among the student body, faculty and administration, the Student Bar Association (SBA) seeks to establish a firm bond among the classes of the law school, between students and the faculty, and to broaden the relationship between law students, the legal profession and the community-at-large. The SBA is directed by an executive council of elected student representatives that allocate funding—provided by student activity fees—for most student organizations and events.

Student Hurricane Network
The legal questions and problems facing the individuals and communities throughout the Gulf Coast region are monumental in scale and will remain for months and years to come. To address this need, law students from across the country have formed local Student Hurricane Network chapters. The Student Hurricane Network is a national student organization dedicated to providing assistance to communities affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In addition to sponsoring speakers on campus, the Albany Law School Chapter of the Student Hurricane Network has organized various fundraising campaigns to help students travel to the Gulf Coast over winter and spring break. Students have volunteered their time working with various pro bono organizations. Although currently concentrating on the Gulf Coast, the Hurricane Network is prepared to respond to similar future disasters throughout the United States.

Student Lawyers Guild
A chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, an organization of about 10,000 lawyers committed to social and political change, the Student Lawyers Guild sponsors speakers and events to educate the law school community on using the law to serve the public interest and achieve social good.

Women's Law Caucus
A forum for both women and men to discuss contemporary feminist issues, the Women's Law Caucus strives to raise the Albany Law School community's awareness of current legal, political and socioeconomic issues affecting women. Both a resource and support network for women, the caucus sponsors speakers, a career panel, self-defense workshops and films.

Women's Rugby Club
Albany Law Women’s Club (Lady Misdemeanors) is a dynamic joint venture between Albany Law School, Albany Law Alumni, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Albany Medical College. Drawing on a multitude of experienced and willing participants, Albany Law Women’s Rugby offers women athletes the rare opportunity to play a passionate contact sport that involves skill and heart. Refounded several years ago, the Misdemeanors have built a strong foundation of players who dedicate themselves to the principles of rugby, both on and off the field. The game of rugby is much like American football, soccer, lacrosse and hockey, all rolled into one. NO EXPERIENCE is ever necessary—just a willingness to meet new people and work as a team player. All are welcome.