Student Affairs

Albany Law School is a small, intimate environment. Students who visit the campus for the first time often feel this immediately. The close-knit quality makes it easy for students to connect with and support each other.

Campus Life: Collegial and Collaborative

There are countless opportunities to connect with dozens of groups.

Students get involved in one or several student organizations on campus. 

The Student Affairs Office provides the ongoing support and guidance needed to succeed in the demanding environment of law school.

While several groups are designed to give students a hard-earned break from the intensity of their academics, many groups are focused on law—like the Black Law Students Association or the Animal Rights Movement. These organizations host events throughout the year, such as guest speakers, conferences, symposia and informal sessions on a range of legal topics. These groups can change from year to year and students often create new groups based on their own interests.

Many students participate in one or more of the programs below:

The Student Journals

Moot Court Competitions

Pro Bono Projects

Contact the Student Bar Association or the Student Affairs Office to learn more about student organizations.