Anthony V. Cardona '70 Moot Court Program

DSC_00591.jpgThrough Albany Law School's Anthony V. Cardona '70 Moot Court Program, more than 50 percent of the law school's students receive intensive practical training in oral and written appellate advocacy, trial advocacy, and client counseling and negotiation skills.

Participation in Moot Court prepares students who represent Albany Law School in some of the most prestigious regional, national and international competitions. These competitions provide excellent experience in legal research, analysis, writing and oral advocacy. Additionally, they provide students with superb networking opportunities and also give students a great sense of accomplishment, teamwork and school spirit.

The Moot Court Board also organizes a series of intra-school competitions that allows Albany Law School students to compete against their classmates in the areas of appellate advocacy, trial practice, client counseling and negotiating skills. Most of the competitions require teams of two students and are modeled after the various national competitions where select teams from Albany Law School compete.

DSC_0050.jpgDuring the 2015-2016 year, Albany Law School will compete in several national competitions, as well as host the 28th Annual Domenick L. Gabrielli Family Law Competition in March 2016. In addition to these highlights, Albany Law School will continue to host four intra-school competitions: Gabrielli Appellate Advocacy, Morse Client Counseling, McGovern Senior Prize, and Morse Negotiations.

Highlights from last year (2014-2015) include:

  • Gabrielli Appellate Advocacy Competition winners: Adam P. Grogan ’16 & Myleah N. Misenhimer ’16
  • Morse Client Counseling Competition winners: Donielle K. Maier '15 & Matthew R. St. Martin '15
  • McGovern Senior Prize Trials Competition winners: Donielle K. Maier ‘15 & Beau A. Melita ‘15
  • Morse Negotiations Competition winners: Patrick D. Hickey ’15 & David T. Lyons ’15

Follow Moot Court:

Kristen M. Green, Moot Court Board Executive Director

Professor Gerald Rock, Moot Court Program Faculty Advisor

Quick Reference for Participation

1L​ 2L​ 3L​

​Intra-school Competitions
​McGovern Senior Prize Trial ​Bailiffs
​Witnesses ​Competitors
​Gabrielli Appellate Advocacy ​Bailiffs ​Competitors ​N/A
​Gabrielli Family Law ​Bailiffs ​Bailiffs ​Bailiffs
​Morse Client Counseling ​Clients ​Competitors ​Competitors
​Morse Negotiations ​N/A ​Competitors ​Competitors

​Inter-school Competitions
​AAJ Student Trial ​N/A Competitors Competitors
​ABA Client Counseling Clients Clients
ABA Negotiations N/A Competitors Competitors
​Jessup International N/A Competitors Competitors
​Gibbons Criminal Procedure ​N/A ​Competitors ​Competitors
​Spong Tournament ​N/A ​Competitors ​Competitors