Wireless Access at Albany Law School

Where is Wireless Available?

Wireless Internet access is available in both the 1928 and 2000 buildings.

What Resources Are Available Through Wireless?

The Internet can be accessed through the wireless network.

Termination of Service
Wireless access will be terminated without notice if we believe that a laptop is employing file sharing software or infected by worms or viruses. Termination may also occur if we believe the laptop user is violating any part of the school's Technology and Internet Policy.

How do I connect to the wireless network at Albany Law School?
The Albany Law School wireless network is named AlbanyLaw_Students.  When browsing for available wireless networks you should see the following:


When attempting to connect to the AlbanyLaw_Students wireless network you will be prompted for a password.  This password is emailed to all students of Albany Law School prior to the start of their first semester. It also can be found here.


If you are not a student at Albany Law School, select AlbanyLaw_Guests as the wireless network.  Then open your Internet browser and click "Connect."

If you have any difficulties connecting to the wireless network, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS).  For information on how to contact ITS, please click here.