Courtroom Technology

Dean Alexander Moot Courtroom

Albany Law School students, faculty and staff now have access to state-of-the-art technology for litigation training and scenario-based simulations thanks to a technology upgrade in the school's Dean Alexander Moot Courtroom.

Presenters can use presentation equipment, such as laptop or document camera, to display any type of evidence throughout the courtroom. An interactive White Board and Airliner Slate enable attorneys to annotate over any piece of evidence while maintaining the original court record. Strategically placed LCD monitors permit all trial participants (judges, jurors, lawyers and audience) to have a clear and unobstructed view of the evidence and courtroom proceedings. The judge has control over what is displayed and can block all screens or limit the display to specific locations.  Law students are also be able to engage in negotiations, mediations, depositions, or other interactive legal activities and these activities can be digitally recorded for later review by the professor or by the students themselves.

The Dean Alexander Moot Courtroom is wired and equipped for IP videoconferences. Cordless microphones are available to pick up comments from students, attendees and presenters. A podium microphone can also be set up on the lectern. Several wall-mounted cameras and a touchpad in the AV studio facilitate the video recording of a presentation.  With this technology, Albany Law School is able to conduct depositions remotely, to connect the students to guest speakers in other locations, and to record moot court competition activities.

Presentation and recording equipment are also available in the Rochester Moot Courtroom.