Public Sector Workforce Training

Public Sector Workforce Training


Keeping up to date with current legal issues is an important part of any public employee's job. The Government Law Center-which since our inception has recognized the need for continuing legal education for the public sector-serves as an invaluable resource by offering a wealth of training programs and academic courses for employees and officials at all levels of government. The Center offers courses at Albany Law School, as well as at off-site locations across the state. In addition to "live" courses, the Center employs state-of-the-art technology such as distance learning to reach wider audiences.

The GLC continually updates its training programs to ensure the most current information on a wide variety of prominent issues. In addition, the Center offers customized courses to meet unique needs of individual departments and agencies. Examples of recent initiatives have included:

Continuing legal education (CLE) for government lawyers. This includes general programs such as "What Every Government Lawyer Should Know" and customized, agency-specific training programs for lawyers and officials at all levels of government.

Training for government employees on topics such as: violence in the workplace; sexual harassment prevention; government research on the Internet; investigative interviewing; how to testify in court; how to gather evidence; conflict resolution; environmental review; and ethics.

Training for local government officials on issues including the nuts and bolts of planning and zoning; ethics; the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act; and charter reform.

A series of programs on administrative law for both lawyers and non-lawyers.

Special training for administrative law judges across agencies and customized training for individual agencies that include caseload management, evidence updates, opinion writing and administrative law updates.

Statewide training programs for special education impartial hearing officers on special education law and regulations, decision writing, due process, and conducting hearings.

Courses specially designed for county attorneys and local department of social services attorneys on a range of municipal law issues as well as child welfare issues.

Staying Informed
For more than a decade, the GLC has provided a variety of one- to 10-day courses through contracts with individual government agencies or through special labor-management training and education programs. Some of the programs offered have included: defensive documentation and case preparation, how to testify in court, government ethics for managers and lawyers, administrative law updates, legal research and writing, conflict management, and technology issues for government law offices.

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