Legal Handbook for Early Stage Business

Legal Handbook


Albany Law School developed the Legal Handbook for Early Stage Business to provide users with the resources and educational tools necessary to address legal issues that may arise during early stage business formation.  Particularly during start-up, when resources are scarce and there are many competing priorities for a business' limited time and capital, it is important to take steps that will minimize legal risk while maximizing the opportunity to increase operational credibility and encourage investment. 

The Legal Handbook is designed to help with that, by providing guidance that will assist users in spotting legal issues early-on, knowing where to find resources, and becoming better consumers of legal services. As part of the Government Law Center's work with NYSERDA under the incentive to create sustainable networks that support early-stage renewable and clean energy companies, the Center has created The Appendix to the Legal Handbook. 

The Appendix is designed to provide industry-specific information and resources to assist entrepreneurs and start-ups in the alternative and clean energy technology sector.  You can view an excerpt of the Legal Handbook, which includes the Introduction and Table of Contents, or sign up to view or download the full document by using the buttons below.


Please note that the Legal Handbook is provided for educational purposes and is not intended as legal advice. 

DISCLAIMER:  The information contained in this handbook is provided with the understanding that the authors and reviewers are not herein engaged in rendering legal or other professional advice and/or services.  Accordingly, the information provided in this handbook is for educational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.  You should contact an attorney to obtain legal counsel with respect to your particular legal needs.  The opinions expressed in this handbook are the opinions of the individual authors and may not reflect the opinions of the law school or any other contributing author.