Research on Racing and Gaming

Research on Racing and Gaming


Please be aware that these papers represent the views of their authors, only. They are not necessarily respresentative of the views of Albany Law School or its Racing and Wagering Law program.

2009 Articles - Bennett Liebman

November 18, 2009
"The New York Times on Match Races"

November 9, 2009
"The Melbourne Cup and the Durability of the Race Horse"

October 27, 2009
"The New York Yankees: The Horse Racing Connection"

October 13, 2009
"1995 v. 2009 at Saratoga"

August 25, 2009
"Good News in Horse Racing History"

August 21, 2009
"There Used to Be a Racetrack There: But Where Was It?"

August 19, 2009
"May 1, 1954: New York Brings Back Turf Racing"

July 22, 2009
"Campaign Contributions from Racing and Gaming Interests in New York State for the First Half of 2009"

July 21, 2009
"New York State Racing by the Numbers in 2008"

June 12, 2009
"Berkshire Downs: Racing's Non-Success Story"

May 31, 2009
"The Fillies of 1924"

May 18, 2009
"The First American Triple Crown Series"

February 11, 2009
"Respecting Equipoise in Guys and Dolls"

January 19, 2009
"Political Donations from Horse Racing and Gambling Interests in New York State in 2008"

2007 Articles

Impact of VLT's on Lottery Sales in New York, Charles Vickery

2006 Articles

Harness Racing in New York: A Different Perspective, Chris Wittstruck, Esq.

Dairyland Greyhound Park, Inc. v. Doyle: Indian Gaming in Wisconsin, Nicole Redmond '08

August 1 Presentation of New York Racing Association Board Chairman Steven Duncker

Harness Racing in New York State, James Mango

Antigua/Barbuda v. United States, Megan Christian '07

Summary of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act H.R. 4777, Nicole Redmond '08

Review of RFP for the New York State Racing Franchise, Elizabeth Wolf '07

Case Summaries of Recent Horse Racing Law Cases, Melissa Ashline-Heil '07 

2005 Articles

Dick Powell on New York's Policy on Rebates, Remarks to the Racing and Wagering Board, September 2005

Ed Martin on the Role of Regulators

For Profit; But at What Price? Chris E. Wittstruck, Esq. 

2004 Articles

Of Setting Back Horses and Horsemen, Chris E. Wittstruck, Esq.

Smarty at the Bar, Commencement Speech of Albany Law School Professor, Patrick M. Connors delivered May 29, 2004

Economic Trends at NYRA and the OTB's 1993- 2003, Charles Vickery -  July 2004

2003 Racing Legislation in the States, Michael Livolsi, '06 

2002-2003 Articles

Internet Wagering Alternatives, John Svare '04

Judicial Definitions of the term "Pari-Mutuel," John Svare '04 

Be Careful What You Wish For, Chris E. Wittstruck, Esq.

Land in Trust Litigation Under 25 U.S.C. Section 2719(b), John Svare '04

Compulsive Gambling Resources on the Internet, Brian  D. Pilatzke '05

Regulating Internet Gambling: Is it Really a Game of Craps? Jay Campbell

The Message of Necessity and Gambling Legislation in New York, Karin McArthur '04

Perspectives on the Constitutionality of Video Gaming, Kevin Bezio '03

An Opportunity to Learn from a Not-So Funny Experience, Chris E. Wittstruck, Esq.

Horse Racing and the Courts - A Review of the Relevant Case Law from June 2002 - June 2003, Sara LeCain '04  ​​