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Racing & Gaming


Located a short distance from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the GLC has established the country's first full-time racing and gaming law program dedicated to law and policy study on all aspects of gaming, including horse racing (and all industries that support t​he sport), Indian gaming, lotteries and charitable gaming. A nationally focused Annual Saratoga Institute on Racing and Gaming Law is the highlight of the program's August agenda. Throughout the year the center publishes studies, reports in the field, offers conferences and continuing legal education programs, facilitates stakeholder meetings and hosts a website on racing and gaming law and policy developments across the country.

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Our Mission Statement​

The mission of the Program on Racing and Gaming Law is to increase public awareness of the significant public policy issues affecting racing and wagering in New York state. The program will provide constructive, non-partisan analysis to policy-makers, participants in the gambling industries and the general public on the legal, moral, social and economic factors involved in policy decisions on gambling. The program will hold programs where the public can learn from the major national experts on gambling law and policy. 

Since the program is located near the racing center of Saratoga Springs, the program will have a significant focus on horse racing law and policy. Yet with New York embarking on the fields of Indian gaming and video lottery terminals, no program on gambling can deal solely with the pari-mutuel industry. The program will serve as an educational resource on all aspects of racing and wagering, including charitable wagering, the lottery, Indian gaming, and commercial casinos, as well as horse racing. 

The Program on Racing and Gaming Law is part of the Government Law Center of Albany Law School. The Government Law Center, for a quarter of a century, has provided a forum for the discussion of the legal aspects of public policy reform. The Government Law Center has a national reputation for providing comprehensive analyses on the major public policy issues affecting government in New York state.

The Racing and Gaming Advisory Committee​

Jerry Bilinski, D.V.M., chair
Nicholas Antenucci, Esq.
Michael Avella, Esq.
Patrick Brown, Esq.
Jeff Cannizzo
Mary Ann Cody, Esq.
Gary Contessa
James Crane, Esq.
Charles Gottlieb, Esq.
Barbara Mabel
Lisa Marrello, Esq.
Molly McKeon
William Redmond, Esq.
Michael Shanley, Esq.
Karl Sleight, Esq.
James Towne, Esq.
Michael Wilton
Chris Wittstruck, Esq.