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    B.S., California Institute of Technology
    M.B.A., J.D., Stanford University

    Clerked for Chief Justice William S. Richardson of the Hawaii Supreme Court and was a visiting professor at Georgetown University Law School and George Washington University Law School.



  • Globalization and the Convergence of Values, 30 Cornell International Law Journal 429 (1997)

  • The Role of Market Forces in Transnational Violence, 60 Albany Law Review 635 (1997)

  • The Intractable State of United States-Japan Relations, 32 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 467 (1995)

  • The Historical Background of Japan's Antimonopoly Law, 1994 University of Illinois Law Review 115 (1994) (with Jiro Tamura)papers.cfm

  • Discussing Japan Rationally, 25 Law and Policy in International Business 193 (1993)papers.cfm

  • U.S.-Japan Antitrust Cooperation, 24 Law and Policy in International Business 1081 (1993)

  • Common Myths in the Economic Analysis of Law, 1989 Brigham Young University Law Review 993 (1989)papers.cfm

  • Uncertainty and Contract Law, 46 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 75 (1984)papers.cfm

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