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    Professor Lytton is a Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law at Georgia State University College of Law.

    B.A., Yale University  
    J.D., Yale Law School

    Timothy Lytton a Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law at Georgia State University College of Law. He is the author of several books on tort litigation and industry regulation, including Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food (Harvard University Press, 2013), Holding Bishops Accountable (Harvard University Press, 2008), and Suing the Gun Industry: A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts (contributing editor) (University of Michigan Press, 2005). He has also published articles in both English and Spanish on torts, administrative law, constitutional law, food law, public health law, conflict resolution, and jurisprudence. He teaches torts and administrative law. His current research is on food safety and product safety.

    Professor Lytton was awarded the first annual Excellence in Teaching award in 2006 and the annual Excellence in Scholarship award in 2009.

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  • Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food

    Generating more than $12 billion in annual sales, kosher food is big business. It is also an unheralded story of private-sector regulation in an era of growing public concern over the government’s ability to regulate the food industry. Kosher uncovers how independent certification agencies rescued American kosher supervision from corruption and turned it into a model of nongovernmental administration.

    Kosher is one terrific book. It’s a wonderfully entertaining account of the squabbles, finger-pointing, and cutthroat competition that turned kosher certification from scandalous corruption to a respectable—and highly profitable—business. Today, if a food is labeled kosher, it is kosher, which is more than can be said of most claims on food labels. You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate the fun in Timothy Lytton’s presentation of an unusually successful case study.”
    - Marion Nestle, New York University and author of the bestselling books Food Politics and Safe Food

    In overcoming many of the problems of insufficient resources and weak enforcement that hamper the government, private kosher certification holds important lessons for improving food regulation. The growing popularity of kosher food is a response to a more general cultural anxiety about industrialization of the food supply. Like the organic and locavore movements, a growing number of consumers see rabbinic supervision as a way to personalize today’s complex, globalized system of food production.

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  • Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food

    KOSHER: PRIVATE REGULATION IN THE AGE OF INDUSTRIAL FOOD, (Harvard University Press, 2013)0674072936

  • Holding Bishops Accountable


  • Jurisprudence

    JURISPRUDENCE, CASES AND MATERIALS: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF LAW AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 2nd ed. (LexisNexis Matthew Bender Publishing, 2006) (with Stephen E. Gottlieb, Brian Bix, and Robin L. West) http://www.amazon.com/Jurisprudence-Cases-Materials-Introduction-Applications/dp/0820562343/

  • Suing the Gun Industry

    Editor, SUING THE GUN INDUSTRY: A BATTLE AT THE CROSSROADS OF GUN CONTROL AND MASS TORTS, (University of Michigan Press, 2005)0472032119


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