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    A.A.S., Alfred State College
    B.A., Douglass College of Rutgers University
    J.D., Albany Law School

    Joined the Albany Law School faculty in 2002. Previously a partner at Hinman Straub P.C. from 1988-2002, specializing in health and environmental law, including administrative, litigated and regulatory matters. Formerly adjunct professor of law at Albany Law School, 1998-2002.



  • KABOOM! The Explosion of Qui Tam False Claims Under the Health Reform Law, 116 Penn State Law Review 77 (2011)

  • Saving the Savings Clause: Advocating a Broader Reading of the Miller Test to Enable States to protect ERISA Health Plan Members by Regulating Insurance, 18 (no.1) George Mason Law Review 125 (2010)papers.cfm

  • Reconciling the HIPAA Privacy Rule with State Laws Regulating Ex Parte Interviews of Plaintiffs' Treating Physicians: A Guide to Performing the HIPAA Preemption Analysis, 43 Houston Law Review 1091 (2006)papers.cfm

  • The Controversy Over Hospital Charges to the Uninsured -- No Villains, No Heroes, 51 Villanova Law Review 95 (2006) papers.cfm

  • An Examination of the Right of Hospitals to Engage in Economic Credentialing, 77 Temple Law Review 705 (2004)papers.cfm

  • Supreme Court Rules that ERISA Preempts State Law Claims Challenging Utilization Review by HMO, 9 (no. 3) New York State Bar Association Health Law Journal 70 (2004)papers.cfm

  • Divided Loyalties: How the MetLife v. Glenn Standard Discounts ERISA Fiduciaries' Conflicts of Interest, 3 Utah Law Review 955 (2009)papers.cfm

  • Trouble at the Source: The Debates Over the Public Disclosure Provisions of the False Claims Act's Original Source Rule, 60 Mercer Law Review 701 (2009) papers.cfm

  • Disentangling EMTALA from Medical Malpractice: Revising EMTALA’s Screening Standard to Differentiate Between Ordinary Negligence and Discriminatory Denials of Care, 82 Tulane Law Review 645 (2008)papers.cfm

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