Faculty Information

  • Biography

    B.A., Amherst College (magna cum laude);
    J.D., Harvard Law School (cum laude)

    Associate professor Christine Chung joined Albany Law's faculty in 2007 as director of the Securities Arbitration Clinic. She was previously a partner at Goodwin Procter LLP, where she was a member of the firm's securities and white collar crime practice groups. While at Goodwin, Professor Chung specialized in complex business litigation and civil and criminal securities-related enforcement matters, including proceedings involving the Department of Justice, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Association of Securities Dealers (now known as FINRA) and various states attorneys general. She also specialized in compliance and risk management counseling for clients. Her clients included mutual funds, investment advisors, broker-dealers, bank holding companies, complex operating companies, officers, directors and employees.

    Before joining Goodwin Procter, Professor Chung served as Branch Chief of the Enforcement Division of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, among other posts. As a member of the Enforcement Division, Professor Chung specialized in investigating and litigating cases involving a wide range of alleged securities-related misconduct, including matters involving alleged financial reporting fraud, insider trading, and professional misconduct by accounting professionals. Professor Chung's research interests include regulatory architecture and regulatory reform, risk management (including systemic risk management), compliance, corporate governance and feminist jurisprudence, with a focus on the challenges facing financial institutions and their customers, investors and employees. She also is interested in exploring the historical underpinnings of current system of financial market regulation. She frequently presents on issues arising from the current financial crisis.

    Professor Chung is co-director of the joint Albany Law School / UAlbany / Institute for Financial Market Regulation.

  • Presentations

    Albany Law School Law Review Symposium, Faculty Advisor and Moderator, The Regulation of Financial Institutions in New York and Beyond (October 2009).

    Ethics:  Discovery, Claims Investigation and Other Pre-Filing Issues, lecture and companion articles prepared for Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association Securities Law Day (October 2009).

    Black Swans, TARP and Regulatory Reform, Guest Lecture for Albany Law School Business Planning Course (Spring 2009).

    Ethical Issues That May Arise When Investigating Potential Securities Law Violations, lecture and companion article prepared for Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association Securities Law Day (October 2008).

    Stephen P. Younger, Romaine Gardner and Christine Sgarlata Chung, lecture prepared for NYSBA CLE Seminar on Selecting Arbitrators in Securities Arbitrations (December 2007).



  • Municipal Bankruptcy, Essential Municipal Services, and Taxpayers' Voice, 24 Widener Law Journal, 43 (April 2015)papers.cfm

  • Government Budgets As The Hunger Games: The Brutal Competition For State and Local Government Resources Given Municipal Securities Debt, Pension and OBEP Obligations, And Taxpayer Needs, 33 Review of Banking and Financial Law 663 (2014)papers.cfm

  • Zombieland/the Detroit Bankruptcy: Why Debts Associated with Pensions, Benefits, and Municipal Securities Never Die... and How They Are Killing Cities Like Detroit, 41 Fordham Urban Law Journal 771 (2014)

  • Municipal Securities: The Crisis of State and Local Government Indebtedness, Systemic Costs of Low Default Rates, and Opportunities for Reform, 34 Cardozo Law Review 1455 (April 2013)papers.cfm

  • From Lily Bart to the Boom Boom Room: How Wall Street's Social and Cultural Response to Women Has Shaped Securities Regulation, 33 Harvard Journal of Law & Gender 175 (Winter 2010)papers.cfm

  • Ethical Issues That May Arise When Investigating Potential Securities Law Violations, materials prepared for Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association Securities Law Day (October 2009)

  • Summaries of Selected Reports and Commentaries on Regulatory Reform and Financial Institutions (Prepared for Congressional Oversight Panel, Special Report on Regulatory Reform) (with David McCaffrey)

  • Trends in Corporate Fraud Enforcement: A Calm During the Storm? Business Crimes Bulletin (October 2005) (with Joseph Savage)

  • SOX Lowers the Bar for Barring Officers and Directors, Business Crimes Bulletin (December 2004) (with Joseph Savage)

  • Late Trading of Mutual Funds: Chinks in the Armor of Regulators' Claims That it is Illegal Per Se, 18 (no.11) Andrews White-Collar Crime Reporter (2004) (with Thomas Frongillo)

  • Can You? Should You? Must You? Counsel's Obligation to Self-Report Company Crime, Business Crimes Bulletin (April 2004) (with Joseph Savage)

  • The Electronic Paper Trail: Evidentiary Obstacles to Discovery and Admission of Electronic Evidence, 4 Boston University Journal of Science and Technology 5 (1988) (with David Byer)

  • Review of Recent Developments Under SLUSA, ALI-ABA course in securities litigation (with Brian Pastuszenski)

Forthcoming Publications

Selected Achievements

  • Professor Chung (on behalf of the Albany Law School/University at Albany Institute for Financial Market Regulation), organized and moderated a panel on dark pools, high-frequency trading, market structure, and related issues. Panelists included senior staff from the Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA, along with a leading expert from the private sector.
  • Professor Christine Chung moderated a panel on dark pools at the SUNY Global Center in New York City on April 24, 2014.

  • Professor Christine Chung gave a talk at "Distressed Municipal Financing: Navigating Uncharted Waters," a symposium presented by the Review of Banking & Financial Law and held at Boston University School of Law on Feb. 7, 2014.

  • Professor Christine Chung participated in Fordham Urban Law Journal’s Cooper-Walsh Colloquium on “Legacy Liabilities and Municipal Financial Distress” on Oct. 11, 2013.

    She also spoke at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering on Oct. 24, 2013, about legal issues that start-ups and entrepreneurs should consider when forming a business.

    Professor Christine Chung participated in a panel at a symposium on "Financial Transparency and the Role of Government" at the University at Albany on Oct. 23, 2012.


  • Professor Chung spoke at a symposium organized by the WIdener Law Review on municipal fiscal distress and recovery. She has written (and submitted) an article of the same name for publication in the symposium edition.

In the News

  • ​Professor Christine Chung joined Time Warner Cable News' Capital Tonight on September 8, 2015 to discuss Puerto Rico's debt crisis and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to help the commonwealth.

  • Albany Law School’s Christine Chung said she has been hearing more debates about dissolution and government consolidation, but it’s not clear how many communities are taking steps to eliminate levels of government.

    “The conversation has become more common and may have accelerated,” she said. “Villages get to this place for a variety of reasons.”

    From the article "Bridgewater on brink of dissolution" in the Utica Observer-Dispatch on Dec. 1, 2013.
  • “Property tax is generally the largest source of revenue,” said Christine Sgarlata Chung, an associate professor of law at Albany Law School. “I think budgets across the country and certainly in upstate are feeling the pressure of decreased revenue and often increased expenses.”

    From the article "Frankfort tightens finances less than halfway through year" in the Utica Observer-Dispatch on Oct. 29, 2013.
  • Professor Christine Chung appeared as a guest on The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter to discuss the relationship between ailing cities and the municipal bond market on Aug. 26, 2013.
  • Professor Christine Chung discussed the ins-and-outs of municipal bankruptcy on YNN's Capital Tonight on Aug. 1, 2013.
  • Professor Christine Chung was interviewed about Detroit's bankruptcy and related issues for Upstate New York on WCNY's The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter on July 25, 2013.