Professor's Weekly Public Radio Commentary Ranges Widely

Professor's Weekly Public Radio Commentary Ranges Widely

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As a weekly commentator on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, Professor Stephen Gottlieb's recent segments span such topics as the economic crisis and terrorist trials to violent video games and English as a second language.

Professor Gottlieb, Albany Law School's Jay and Ruth Caplan Distinguished Professor of Law, is the author of Morality Imposed: The Rehnquist Court and Liberty in America. He has written or edited several books in the fields of constitutional law and jurisprudence and is also widely known for his work on the Supreme Court, constitutional theory and election campaign law.

At Albany Law School, Professor Gottlieb teaches Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Constitutional Convention of 1787, and U.S. Supreme Court Watch.

Professor Gottlieb's articles have appeared in New York University Law Review, Yale Law & Policy Review, Hastings Law Journal and Boston University Law Review, among many others. He has held chairs for distinguished visitors at Akron, Suffolk, Cleveland-Marshall and Marquette schools of law, and he has also taught at St. Louis University School of Law and West Virginia University College of Law.

Professor Gottlieb is a veteran of the legal services sector, the Peace Corps in Iran and corporate practice in New York City. Educated at Princeton and Yale Law School, he is president of the Capital Region Chapter of the Civil Liberties Union.