Professor Cords Named Foreign Distinguished Professor in Shanghai

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Professor Danshera Cords was recently named Foreign Distinguished Professor by the Shanghai Education Committee for the 2013-2014 academic year. She will be working with the law school at the Shanghai University for International Business and Economics, teaching and collaborating with the school's faculty.

Professor Cords focuses her scholarship on tax law and currently serves as chair of the American Bar Association Section of Taxation's Committee on Teaching Taxation. She also teach Introduction to Chinese Law and has guided Albany Law students on several tours throughout China.

Albany Law School has an ongoing relationship with the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT) in China for cooperative educational programs and collaborative research initiatives for students and faculties in both countries.

Each year, Albany Law students and faculty members tour China for several days, meeting with alumni in the country, visiting Chinese legal institutions, and attending seminars about Chinese and U.S. law.

In addition to the annual trip to China, Albany Law hosts study tours of SIFT students and faculty each year.