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Below is a list of recent faculty publications - use the list on the right to access publication listings on individual faculty profiles.

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    • Rogerson, Sarah F.Professor Sarah Rogerson published the chapter “Using Hip-Hop’s Lyrical Narrative to Inform and Critique the Family Justice System” in the book "Hip Hop and the Law" (edited by: Pamela Bridgewater, André Douglas Pond Cummings, Donald F. Tibbs), published by Carolina Academic Press (August 2015).

    • Tenenbaum, EvelynCURRENT ISSUES IN CONSTITUTIONAL LITIGATION, A Context and Practice Casebook, 2d ed. (Carolina Academic Press, 2015) (coauthor)

    • Connors, Patrick M.Decisions Address Separate Entity Rule and Time Limitation Issues, N.Y.L.J., Aug. 24, 2015, S2 (Lead Article to NYLJ Special Section on Court of Appeals and Appellate Practice).

    • Hirokawa, KeithEnvironmental Law and Contrasting Ideas of Nature: A Constructivist Approach, Keith H. Hirokawa, editor (Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    • Connors, Patrick M.

      Back to Basics: Careful Pleading Under CPLR Article 30, N.Y.L.J., May 18, 2015, at 4.

    • Connors, Patrick M.Moderated Ethics Program entitled “The Ethics of Outsourcing Legal Services” for the Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of The New York State Bar Association at its Spring Meeting in Bolton Landing, NY on May 17, 2015

    • Connors, Patrick M.New York Practice Update to the Rockland County Bar Association in New City, NY on May 8, 2015

    • Connors, Patrick M.New York Practice Update to the Federation of Bar Associations of the Fourth Judicial District at its annual meeting in Montreal, Canada on April 25, 2015

    • Queenan, Rosemary“School’s Out for Summer: But Should it Be?,” Journal of Law and Education (forthcoming, Spring 2015).papers.cfm

    • Chung, Christine Sgarlata Municipal Bankruptcy, Essential Municipal Services, and Taxpayers' Voice, 24 Widener Law Journal, 43 (April 2015)papers.cfm

    • Farley, Anthony PaulJackals, Tall Ships, and the Endless Forest of Lies: Foreword to Symposium on the Voting Rights Act in the Wake of Shelby County v. Holder, Berkeley Journal of African-American Law and Policy and Touro Journal of Race, Gender & Ethnicity (April 2015)

    • Hill, Dorothy E.

      Independent Monitoring as a Tool to Protect, Empower and Integrate Unskilled Guest Workers and to Assist Employers Navigate Complex Guest Worker Requirements

    • Brescia, Raymond H.Embracing Disruption: How Technological Change in the Delivery of Legal Services Can Improve Access to Justice (Forthcoming, Albany Law Review)papers.cfm

    • Farley, Anthony PaulSarah Palin - The Last Black President. Hip Hop and the Law, Carolina Academic Press (August 2015)

    • Gottlieb, Stephen E.Human Rights: The Roberts Court’s Hostility to the Equality of Minorities, vol. 41, issue 1, at pages 16-17 Amer. Bar Assn. Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities) (July 2015)

    • Lynch, Mary A.The Importance of Experiential Learning for Development of Essential Skills in Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Effectiveness, 1 Touro Journal Of Experiential Learning 129, 2014-15.

    • Connors, Patrick M.Presented Annual Report of the Racing Fan Advisory Council to The Gaming Commission at its Meeting held on May 26, 2015

    • Gottlieb, Stephen E.JURISPRUDENCE, CASES AND MATERIALS: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF LAW AND ITS APPLICATIONS, with Robin L. West, Brian Bix and Timothy D. Lytton, 3rd. ed. (LexisNexis, 2015)

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