16th Annual Saratoga Institute on Equine, Racing & Gaming Law Conference

Spend an exciting two day with us in historic Saratoga Springs, learning from leaders in law and business in the Equine, Racing and Gaming industries.

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Tuesday, August 9: Equine and Racing Issues

  • Federal Regulation of Horse Racing: Assessing the Potential Impact of Federal Forays Into Regulating Horse Racing
  • Everyday Ethics: Horse Racing and Professional Ethics
  • The Racing Franchise in New York: The Current State of Play and Lessons for the Nation
  • Privatization of Racetracks: Controlling an Industry When Government Action Is Not Enough
  • Keeping Them Safe: Can You Protect a Horse After Sale?
  • Regulating Jockeys and Drivers: Can You Protect a Horse After Sale?

Wednesday, August 10: Gaming Industry Issues

  • Common Dilemmas Facing a Gaming Lawyer: Legal Ethics, Government Ethics, and Personal Ethics
  • The Blurring Line: Implications of the Next Generation of Gaming Including Fantasy Sports, Internet Gaming, and Social Gaming
  • Advances in Tribal Gaming: Internet and Off-Reservation Gaming and Renegotiated Compacts
  • The 10 Biggest Issues in Gaming Regulations: Best Practices for Existing Environments and New Jurisdictions
  • Opportunities and Challenges: Gaming Expansion in New York and the Northeast

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