Summit on Legal Support and Outreach for Rural New York

Summit on Legal Support and Outreach for Rural New York


Tuesday, June 3, 2014
11:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.


Albany Law School will host the "Summit on Legal Support and Outreach for Rural New York" in June to assess the legal needs of rural communities throughout New York state, as well as to help expand support for rural legal practitioners.

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At the summit, New York's district attorneys, judges, legal practitioners, public defenders, county bar associations and non-profit legal advocates such as the Rural Law Center will determine the most pressing needs of the state’s rural communities, make recommendations and develop a plan of action.

Summit Agenda

The "Summit on Legal Support and Outreach for Rural New York" will determine the current state of rural New York's legal community and examine the scope of the decline of the number of attorneys in rural New York, with the ultimate goal of implement a Rural Practice Fellowship, in which Albany Law School graduates spend two years pursuing their careers in rural areas with the guidance of a seasoned attorney.

The fellowship program would address two critical issues: it will create additional support for currently rural attorneys, and it will expand employment opportunities for law graduates through the existing network of practicing attorneys.

Parking for the summit will be available on campus in the Albany Law School section of Parking Lot 11. Signs will be prominently displayed to guide attendees to the lot.


Albany Law Dean Penny Andrews was inspired to explore access to justice in rural New York while chairing an American Bar Association accreditation site visit team to assess the University of South Dakota's law school. While there, she learned about the State Bar of South Dakota Project Rural Practice and decided to explore the viability of a similar initiative in New York.

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Video of the summit will be available soon after its conclusion; please check back for a link.

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