Criminal Law (District Attorney / Prosecution) Placements

Criminal Law

Adjunct Clinical Professor: Renee Merges

District Attorney Offices are responsible for the prosecution of all crimes within a particular county. Students involved in this program will directly participate in many of the tasks and responsibilities of an Assistant District Attorney in various District Attorney offices throughout the upstate area.  Students may be assigned to a specific Assistant District Attorney or to a unit within the District Attorney's Office (for example: Drug Unit, Appeals, Grand Jury and Sexual Offense). Some students will assist Assistant District Attorneys handling local justice courts and will be involved in case evaluations, plea negotiations and dispositions before a judge. Other students will serve as interns to Assistant District Attorneys handling felony trial cases and will be expected to draft motions, research and draft memoranda of law, and to assist the trial attorney in all phases of litigation. The student may attend or conduct trials as scheduling permits. The clinical experience will be supplemented by a weekly classroom session dealing with substantive and procedural issues encountered in the criminal justice system.

​​Sample Field Placements

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