Judicial Placements

Judicial Placements


Adjunct Clinical Professors: Hon. Lawrence Kahn, U.S. District Court; Hon. William Carter, Albany City Court

Students participating in a judicial placement will work in a city, county, state or federal court under the supervision of a judge or magistrate and their law clerks. Students may observe judicial proceedings, participate in chamber discussions, review files, conduct research and write proposed decisions or bench memoranda. In addition, students will participate in a one-hour weekly classroom session on judicial administration and judicial decision making. There will be discussion regarding judicial power and the role of the judge as negotiator, intervener and administrator. The role of the public, and conduct of attorneys in the courtroom, will also be explored. Student activity and experiences across a range of judicial placements will be integrated into substantive discussion where appropriate. Students are required to participate in either of the weekly classroom sessions of the Judicial Placement class.

*Students applying for placement with Judges of the Northern District Courts, including Hon. David Homer, Hon. Lawrence Kahn, Hon. Robert Littlefield, Hon. Thomas McAvoy, and Hon. Randolph Treece, must successfully complete a background check as a condition of the internship. In addition, the internship is subject to the approval of the Appointing Judicial Officer. All background checks will be strictly confidential, but students should be aware that they can be lengthy and will delve into such matters as criminal justice involvement and credit history.

Local Courts 

(Students not only assist in researching and drafting opinions for the judges, but they also are given opportunities to observe proceedings. Judges directly supervise and interact with law interns on a regular basis, and with the volume of cases there is an endless variety of issues.)

Albany City Court

Additional Information

Hon. William Carter '91, Albany

Hon. Thomas Keefe '82, Albany

Hon. Rachael Kretser, Albany

Town and Village Courts (Assist Counsel from Third Judicial District Administrative Office assigned to Town & Village Courts) - Additional Information

County Courts (Criminal Trial Courts) (Some County Court Judges also sit in Family and Surrogate Court as noted)

Columbia County Family/Surrogate Court:

Hon. Jonathan D. Nichols, Hudson

Franklin County/Family/Surrogate Court:

Hon. Robert G. Main Jr. '76, Malone

Fulton County/Surrogate Court:

Hon. Richard C. Giardino '84, Johnstown 

Ulster County Court:

Hon. Mary Work, Kingston (sitting in Supreme Court)



Family Courts

Albany County Family Court:

Hon. W. Dennis Duggan '76, Albany - Additional Information

Hon. Margaret P. Walsh, Albany

Schenectady County Family Court:

Hon. Mark Powers '09, Schenectady


State Courts

NYS Unified Court System - Office of Court Administration

NYS Supreme (Civil Trial Courts)

Third Judicial District

Hon. George B. Ceresia '68, Troy  - Additional Information

Hon. Gerald W. Connelly, Albany - Additional Information
Special Requirements: Open to third year students. Interested students should submit a copy of their resume and a writing sample by fax to 518-487-5378 to the attention of Tara Kersey (the supervising attorney).

Hon. Eugene P. Devine '75, Albany  - Additional Information
Special Requirements: Prefer students to commit to placement for full academic year.

Hon. Michael Lynch '79, Albany

Hon. Patrick McGrath '78, Troy

Hon. Kimberly O'Connor '94, Albany

Hon. Joseph C. Teresi '71, Albany     

Fourth Judicial District 

Hon. Richard C. Giardino '84, Schenectady (Acting Supreme and County Court; primarily criminal matters but 1/3 of case load is civil; time is split 50% in Fulton and 50% in Schenectady) 

Hon. Barry D. Kramer '68, Schenectady

Hon. Mark Powers '09, Schenectady

Hon. Vincent Reilly '67, Schenectady

Hon. Joseph M. Sise '88, Fonda - Additional Information

Appellate Division, Third Department (Appeals Court)

Hon. Thomas E. Mercure, Albany (Judge Mercure requires that work be done in Ft. Edward and, with limited exceptions, he will select only third-year students with top grades and excellent research and writing skills.)

Hon. William McCarthy '88, Albany 

Hon. Karen K. Peters, Kingston

Hon. Edward Spain '66, Troy (Judge Spain requires applicants to have strong academic background and strong demonstrated research and writing skills for this rigorous intern experience.)

Hon. Leslie E. Stein '81, Albany Spring Registration only.
(Judge Stein gives preference to applicants in their third-year or second-year, second semester who have strong academic backgrounds and research and writing skills.)

NYS Court of Claims

Hon. Thomas McNamara '73, Saratoga Springs

Hon. Judith A. Hard, Albany (sitting in Supreme Court)

Hon. David A. Weinstein, Albany - Additional Information
(All applicants must submit a cover letter and resume.  A writing sample will be requested of those selected to be interviewed.)

Hon. Henry Zwack '78, Troy (sitting in Supreme Court) 


Federal Courts

U.S. Bankruptcy Court:

Hon. Robert E. Littlefield Jr. '76, Albany

U.S. District Court, Northern District:

Hon. Mae D’Agostino, Albany - Additional Information

U.S. District Court, Northern District:

Hon. Lawrence E. Kahn, Albany

U.S. District Court, Northern District:

Hon. Thomas McAvoy '64, Albany

U.S. Magistrate - Judge, Northern District:

Hon. Randolph Treece '76, Albany 

U.S. Magistrate - Judge, Northern District:

Hon. Christian F. Hummel '81, Albany

​​United States Department of Justice, United States Trustee (Bankruptcy)