​​​​New York's Preeminent Legal and Policy Research Center

Mission: The Government Law Center at Albany Law School Conducts Interdisciplinary Study, Research and Analysis Regarding Government and the Public Interest

The GLC educates students and engages faculty in promoting public policy analysis, good government reform efforts and public service. With a historic focus on state and local issues, the GLC nevertheless assists government at all levels—local, state, national and international—to address pressing social, legislative and administrative challenges in ways that are innovative, scalable, efficient and effective, while also exposing students, faculty and alumni to opportunities that promote public service. The GLC collaborates in a non-partisan fashion with key partners in government and the private, non-profit and philanthropic sectors to further its mission.

The Government Law Center Fellowship

The Government Law Center Fellowship provides exceptional students interested in this area of law with exclusive opportunities, such as informal lunches with government attorneys, lawyers for New York State agencies and the Attorney General’s Office, judges, lobbyists, nonprofit leaders and union lawyers. Fellows can also write for one of the Center’s blogs and write more formally on a public policy issue of interest.
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The GLC has a wide array of initiatives as listed below:

Economic Development and the Law

Innovations in Governance

Law and Social Innovation