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Scholarly Works on Assessment         

The Power of Skills Training: A Study of Lawyering Skills Grades as the Strongest Predictor of Law School Success (Or In Other Words, It's Time For Legal Education to Get Serious About Skills Training If We Care About How Our Students Learn), 83 St. John's Law Review 795 (2009), by Leah M. Christensen.

Using Multiple-Choice Quizzes to Assess Academic Progress and Enhance Student Learning , AALS Section on Teaching Methods Newsletter, p.14 (December 2009), by Norman Otto Stockmeyer.

Multiple-Choice: Choosing the Best Options for More Effective and Less Frustrating Law School Testing, 37 Capital Univ. L. Rev. 119 (2008), by Janet Fisher.

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Schooling by Design: Mission, Action, & Achievement by Grant P. Wiggins & Jay McTighe. (2007).

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Harnessing Assessment and Feedback to Assure Quality Outcomes for Graduate Capability Development: A Legal Education Case Study , by Sally Kift. (2002).

How Do We Know If We Are Achieving Our Goals? Strategies for Assessing the Outcome of Curricular Innovation , by Gregory Munro. 1 J. Assn. Leg. Writing Dirs. 229 (2002).

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Course Documents

Sales Syllabus
Provided by:
Gregory M. Duhl, Assoc. Professor of Law at William Mitchell College of Law

Course Problem - Sonrise Landscaping
Provided by:
Gregory M. Duhl, Assoc. Professor of Law at William Mitchell College of Law


Assessment Techniques Explored

Materials from Legal Education at the Crossroads v.3: Conference on Assessment

Excerpts on Assessment from Best Practices for Legal Education

LEARN Committee on Assessment

Student Response Systems 1, 2 
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Assessment Theory Diagram

Rubistar - Free Tool to Help Teachers make Rubrics

Sample Assessments / Grading Criteria / Syllabus

Class Discussion Rubric
PDF/ Word

Presentation Rubric
PDF/ Word

Government Ethics Rubric
PDF/ Word

Client Interviewing Rubric (Albany Law School)

Storytelling Rubric (Albany Law School)

Clinical Grading Rubric - Original Draft by Sophie Sparrow; Variation 1 (Deborah Maranville, Unemployment Compensation Clinic Univ. of Wash. Seattle)

Client Interviewing Rubric (Franklin Pierce Law Center)

Client Interviewing Competition of England & Wales

Ethics / Professional Responsibility Quiz

Oral Argument Grading Rubric

Student Self Eval Trial Practice Clinic - (Hamline)

Clinical Grading Rubric (Univ of New Mexico)

Clinical Grading Rubric (Albany Law School)

Clinical Grading Rubric (Pace Law School)

Domestic Violence Grading Criteria (CUNY School of Law)

Legal Writing Rubric - Analysis, Writing, & Citation Compentancy by Sophie Sparrow;  Variation 1 (Legal Writing II)

"Lawyering Skills" Criteria, w/ commentary (Fordham Law School)

Client Interviewing and Counseling (Thomas M Cooley clinical program)

Client Letter Rubric

Demand Letter Rubric

Negotiation Rubric

Fact Investigation Rubric

Administrative Hearing Rubric