Administrative Support for Teaching

Administrative Support for Teaching


Summer Curriculum Grants

Each year the Dean provides a limited number of Summer Curriculum Grants (SCG), in the sum of $10,000 to allow for additional support for faculty scholars with the intent to create or revise an existing course in light of Best Practices for Legal Education and the Educating Lawyers (The Carnegie Foundation Report).  The SCGs are available to all full-time faculty with at least a full year's service at Albany Law, who are not otherwise engaged in substantial outside employment, with preference given to: 

  • faculty whose proposed project will most likely promote excellence in teaching at Albany Law School; and 
  • faculty who have the strongest publication record during the prior three years.

Each faculty receiving an SCG must submit a detailed report describing how the course is consistent with Best Practices for Legal Education and Educating Lawyers, complete with a list of class materials to be used. The faculty member is also asked to agree to discuss the development of the new course in appropriate media outlets, like the Best Practices for Legal Education Blog (link above).

Reduced Teaching Loads

At Albany Law School a full-time faculty teaching load normally consists of four (4) courses totaling 11 to 13 credit hours per academic year. In an effort to promote teaching excellence among new faculty members, each receives a reduced teaching load during his or her first semester at Albany Law. The first semester course load for a new professor is reduced from 5-7 credits to 3-4 credit hours allowing the professor to get accustomed to teaching the students of Albany Law School.

The Faculty Annual Advisor (FAA) Program

Albany Law School encourages and facilitates the professional development of each untenured member of the tenure track faculty through the Faculty Annual Advisor (FAA) program. Prior to each academic year, each untenured faculty member is assigned a tenured faculty mentor to assist the untenured faculty member execute the educational mission of the law school through carefully developed teaching and inspired scholarship.  

FAA mentors attend classes taught by the untenured faculty member, review the untenured faculty member's student evaluations and discuss his or her teaching with others in the untenured faculty member's field.  The FAA meets with the untenured faculty member at least once each semester to discuss the faculty member's teaching and service goals and to counsel the faculty member on his or her continued development.

Encouragement to engage in teaching conferences

The administration at Albany Law School provides faculty members with encouragement and financial assistance to attend and participate in AALS section and general meetings and other professional gatherings that will further their professional and academic interests. Similarly, the law school offers financial support for faculty members participating in state and local bar association activities that benefit the academic and teaching objectives of Albany Law School.