CELT Workshops

CELT Workshops

Fall 2013 Workshops

Ocotber 25

Spring 2013 Workshops


Michelle Pistone
Ted Talk's, Kahn Academy and Legal Education: Law School teaching in the New Economy


April 17

Speaker: Michele Pistone, Professor of Law, Villanova University School of Law

View Prof. Pistone's TedX Lecture

Deborah Post 


Challenges of Raising Diversity Issues in the Classroom Including Dealing with “Backlash.”

February 13

Speaker: Deborah Post, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development and Professor of Law, Touro Law School



Fall 2012 Workshops




Faculty Workshop: “Curriculum Mapping, Outcomes and Unlearning” 

November 9

Speaker: Prof. Barbara Glesner Fines, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Ruby M. Hulen Professor of Law, University of Missouri School of Law




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Rosemary Queenan

Capping the Law School Experience: Creating Courses that Require Students to integrate Theory, Skills and Values

October 24

Speakers: Profs. Bridgit Burke, Nancy Maurer and Rosemary Queenan, Albany Law School



Nancy OtaCELT/DIVERSITY COMMITTEE JOINT WORKSHOP: "Teaching in a Multicultural World"

October 3

Incorporating Culture Competence, Privilege and Multicultural Lawyering into Law School Courses: How is it currently done at Albany Law School?