Reciprocity: How to Request

Reciprocity: How to Request


Many law schools provide reasonable access to their career resources for students and graduates from other law schools that agree to provide similar services. It is important to understand that each law school has its own reciprocity requirements and not all law schools grant reciprocity. Many schools only allow in kind reciprocity services to graduates from other law schools (please note: Albany Law School does not allow non-Albany Law graduates to view online job listings on the Career Services Manager - CSM). 

Please review the reciprocity policy of the host school before requesting that a letter of introduction be sent on your behalf (that way you will know what services are provided).  If reciprocity is granted, most exchanges are for a limited duration. These services can be helpful to third-year students and alumni seeking employment in a particular city or geographic locale outside the Capital District. 

Each Albany Law graduate is allowed one reciprocity request in a given calendar year. If reciprocity is granted, students/graduates must honor the reciprocity policy of the host school.  

To view various reciprocity policies:

To request reciprocity, email with the following information:


Class Year

Address (email and mailing address)


Law school where requesting reciprocity (with city/state)

Requested month(s)/year of visit