Reciprocity Agreement

Reciprocity Agreement


Albany Law School’s policy concerning career services provided to students and graduates from other law schools is as follows:

  1. Reciprocity requests will be considered from November 30 - June 30.  Eligibility for reciprocity privileges includes third-year students/graduates of ABA - accredited law schools that allow Albany Law School third-year students/graduates use of their facilities.  Reciprocity services are not available to first- or second-year students.

  2. Reciprocity services are granted on an even exchange basis.  Law schools that request reciprocity must match each request with an Albany Law student/graduate being granted reciprocity at that school.

  3. Requests for reciprocity must be received via email/letter from a career services representative; it should include the date of graduation.  Reciprocity entitles a visitor to use reciprocity services for three months from the date of the letter approving reciprocity.

  4. Services available to reciprocity student/graduates include access to the Career Center resources available in the Career Library for a period not to exceed three months from the date of the letter of approval.

  5. Services not available to reciprocity students/graduates include: counseling services; Internet access; password-protected services and online job listings; computers; telephones; and job placement programs.  Reciprocity students/graduates may not participate in on-campus interviewing or resume collections.

  6. Visitors granted reciprocity should present the email/letter approving reciprocity to a Career Planning representative upon arrival.

  7. If any unforeseen problems arise with a reciprocity student or graduate, Albany Law reserves the right to terminate the exchange.

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