Assigned Counsel Opportunities

Assigned Counsel Opportunities


Although "assigned counsel" terminology may vary from court to court, the idea remains the same; the court assigns you to represent individuals who cannot retain counsel by their own means. When exploring possibilities, ask what each opportunity includes concerning fees and other "benefits." For example, a part-time county attorney position may include health insurance. In other instances, a Legal Aid Society pro bono assignment may include malpractice insurance, support services and use of an office for client interviewing purposes.

Each county will have its own opportunities; therefore, the list below is not inclusive. It outlines some possibilities you may wish to consider. To start your search, contact organizations in your county similar to the ones listed-below. Also, consult your local bar association. Examples include:

County Bar Association (may also have job listings available)

Part-time Guardian Ad Litem (Family Court or lowest State Court)

District Attorney's Office

Public Defender's Office

Federal District Court

Legal Aid Society (pro bono)

Your case assignments will depend on your level of experience in any given area of the law. The fact that you are a recent graduate should not deter you from signing up. Most agencies and organizations need new lawyers. Sometimes agencies provide mentors who concentrate in the area of the assignment. The benefit of such assignments is "marketable skills" for you and equal representation for the public.