Milbank Associate Aids Women During Nonprofit Fellowship

Milbank Associate Aids Women During Nonprofit Fellowship

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Kelly Pressler '09 recently concluded a three-month pro bono fellowship rotation with InMotion, a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to women, including victims of domestic violence who are seeking legal representation for a divorce, child custody, support or visitation matters, or for immigration status.

She is also a first-year associate at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy LLP. She returned to the international firm's New York City office at the conclusion of her fellowship in April.

"This pro bono experience has been amazing and given me the opportunity to help many clients, as well as learn various skills that are hard to come by so early out of law school," said Pressler, pictured left with 2008 Kate Stoneman award winner Melissa Mourges '80.

"I have already appeared on the record twice," she explained. "I conducted two different direct examinations of expert witnesses in a contested divorce trial, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. I loved getting up in front of the judge and thinking on my feet."

She also credits Professor Mary Lynch as a mentor, and her time at Albany Law for preparing her for the practice of law.

"Professor Lynch's clinic, as well as my other classes, gave me skills for trial and basic knowledge of procedure that many of my colleagues don't seem to have," she said. "There is absolutely no other way I would have known how to direct an expert, how to respond to objections, how to introduce evidence, how to object or even just how to adapt quickly in the courtroom."

"I most clearly remembered Prof. Lynch telling me to listen to their answer regardless of what I thought my next question could be, and that advice became so important during this trial."

Pressler, who lives in Manhattan with her husband, Mark, remains active with Albany Law, including serving on the Kate Stoneman Committee in 2009.