Macy's? Bergdorf? This Bride Registered at the Health Law Clinic

Macy's? Bergdorf? This Bride Registered at the Health Law Clinic

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​It was not a traditional wedding in most senses, not the least of which was the registry: instead of flatware, the bride and groom registered for an award fund at the Health Law Clinic of Albany Law's Clinic & Justice Center. 

"We never wanted to prompt any of our guests for a gift of any kind, just coming to the wedding and sharing in the day was more than enough," said 31-year-old Martha Kronholm Moscowitz '08. "But for people who wanted to give us a gift, my husband and I were confident that our guests would happily redirect their generosity to a great cause."

"I admit we did get a few mixed reactions initially," she said, laughing. "But both our moms were genuinely excited, which set the tone for everyone else."

Martha and Frank Moscowitz's gift to the law school, matched by the bride's New York firm, Cahill Gordon & Reindell LLP, along with wedding guest contributions, has started a fund that will eventually endow an annual award for a Health Law Clinic student.   

Having participated in the Health Law Clinic as a 3L, Moscowitz feels strongly about the value of practical work in legal education, and about the work the Health Law Clinic does representing people in the community in need of important health-related legal services.

"Actual time with clients, drafting papers, and working in the role of an attorney is 10 times the education of a case book," she said. "The Clinic is a huge asset to Albany Law, both for students and for the community. We hope that this award will recognize, and maybe even encourage, a student's commitment to the Clinic."

As for the traditional gifts? "Setting up the fund was no impediment to otherwise inclined guests—we certainly didn't lack for thoughtful, personal gifts. On top of the contributions to the Clinic, we still got beautiful kitchen knives."

The couple was married October 10, 2009. ​