Transfer Admissions

Applicants for admission with advanced standing must:

  • complete at least two semesters at an ABA-accredited law school
  • be eligible to return to that school

In addition, applicants must:

  • Apply Online (no application fee required)
  • submit an official transcript from their current law school and their class rank
  • provide a letter indicating that they are in good academic standing
  • submit an LSDAS report
  • submit two letters of recommendation

The deadline is August 1, 2014, for applications for transfer status, and are considered by the Admissions Committee between July 15 and August 10 of each year. Academic excellence at the primary law school is the main criterion for admission. Of the 87 credits necessary to graduate, 55 must be earned at Albany Law School. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Transfer Admissions.


Checklist of Required Items
Transferring from another ABA-Approved Law School

1. Application: Albany Law School application for J.D. admission with advanced standing, with all questions answered, electronically submitted and certified. Paper applications are not accepted. Application fee not required. 

2. Law School Admission Test (LSAT): Albany Law School will consider all scores presented by an individual applicant but consistent with LSAC guidance, more weight is given to the highest LSAT score. LSAT scores older than five years from the anticipated year of matriculation will not be accepted.

3. LSAC Law School Report: Registration with the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) is required. The following materials must be submitted through this service:

a. Two letters of recommendation, preferably from faculty who can address the applicant's academic and intellectual abilities. Letters from employers are also desirable. Online evaluations will also be accepted.

b. Transcripts requested from all colleges, professional or technical schools, and the current law school the applicant has attended, either as a matriculated or non-matriculated (non-degree seeing) student. NOTE: If admitted, official transcripts from all educational institutions must be submitted prior to matriculating in August at Albany Law School.

4. Law School Class Rank and Letter of Good Standing: This should be sent directly to the Admissions Office at Albany Law School from the certifying official at the ABA-approved law school.

5. Resume: Including all employment during the academic year as an undergraduate and in law school, and any substantive extra-curricular activities and community service.

6. Certification: All applicants must electronically certify that the information provided in the application, and all supporting documents and attachments, are complete and accurate, and that while the application is active, the applicant will promptly advise the Albany Law School Admissions Office of any change in any of the facts included in the application, supporting documents and attachments.

7. Financial documentation: (Not required for U.S. citizens or permanent residents.) Completed "International Student Financial Statement" to document the applicant's ability to pay the required cost of attendance. This documentation is required to prepare the I-20 form necessary to obtain your F-1 student visa.

Additional attachments: Applicants may submit brief, electronic attachments to this application to explain any LSAT score discrepancies, gaps in education or work history, or other information not disclosed elsewhere in the application that may be of assistance to the admissions committee during the admissions application file review process.

Applicants who answer "YES" to questions, 3, 4, 6 or 7 must provide details on an electronic attachment.

Questions? Contact the Albany Law School Admissions Office at 518-445-2326 or e-mail