Carpooling/Ride Share


Albany Law School has joined the iPool2 ride matching program for commuters who live or work in the Capital District. iPool2 will help you find ride sharing partners by searching for other people who live near you and have similar schedules and lifestyle preferences. By leaving your car at home, you can preserve air quality, decrease traffic congestion, and conserve fuel and money. To utilize iPool2, go to and create a new account.

Worried about losing your ride home if your ride sharing partner has an emergency during the day? iPool2's Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program takes the worry out of ride sharing or taking the bus because it guarantees a free ride home in the event of an emergency such as:

  • Illness (family or personal) at work or school
  • Personal medical emergency
  • Family member emergency
  • Missed the last scheduled bus pick up
  • Unscheduled overtime after arriving at work
  • Any VALID emergency

Any commuter who carpools, uses the bus, bikes or walks to work two days a week on average is eligible for a free iPool2 Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH). The iPool2 GRH program provides up to six uses per year (limited to two times in any one month), with an annual (calendar year) cap of $200.

Feel good about lessening your impact on the environment. Register with iPool2 and track your daily commutes to see how ride sharing saves money and reduces emissions.