First-Year Schedule


Covers principles governing the formation of the contract relation; reality of consent; capacity of the  arties; consideration; legality of subject matter; form required under the Statutes of Frauds; construction and operation of contract; methods of discharge; illegal arrangements; remedies for breach; and statutory modifications of common law principles. This class is a 2 semester class. 

Introduction to Lawyering
Combines legal research, legal writing, clinical methodology, and professional skills development to introduce what lawyers do and how the legal system works. Students represent a plaintiff or defendant in a simulated lawsuit, from initial client interview to appeal.  This class is a 2 semester class.

Surveys theory and doctrine involving ownership, possession and transfer of real and personal property. Topics covered may include: discovery, creation, capture, adverse possession; present and future estates; co-ownership, leaseholds, transfers of land, recording acts, servitudes, zoning, and takings.

Covers elements of intentional torts, including battery, assault, conversion, trespass, false imprisonment, privileges and defenses; elements of negligence, including duty, breach, causation, and damages; contributory negligence and comparative fault; and vicarious liability.

Federal Civil Procedure
Provides an overview of civil procedure, including personal jurisdiction, notice, venue, federal subject matter jurisdiction, pleading, motions to dismiss, summary judgment, and common law history of pleading. 



Introduction to Lawyering


Criminal Law

Examines the fundamental principles and doctrines of the law of crimes, including the elements of conduct and mind, defenses, justification, parties, and basic institutions and processes.

Constitutional Law
This is a survey course that deals with issues arising under the United States Constitution. Topics that may be covered include judicial review, separation of powers, scope of federal and state regulatory power, and the protection of individual rights.