Exam Schedule

Rules Regarding Exam Postponements


Students may submit a request to postpone an exam if they have:

  • - Two exams on the same day OR

- An exam at 1:30 p.m. and then a 9:00 a.m. exam the following day OR

- Three or more exams scheduled on three consecutive days

Postponed exams are rescheduled to the earliest day that is feasible.




​Friday, May 1


​9:00  Constitutional Law
        Trial Advocacy
1:30  Legal Profession

​Monday, May 4

​9:00  Children and the Law
         Introduction to Taxation
 1:30  Advanced Legal Analysis II
         Civil Rights Liability Litigation


​Tuesday, May 5
​9:00  Contracts
         Patent Prosecution and Drafting   
1:30   Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
          Matrimonial Law
          Secured Transactions
​Wednesday, May 6
​9:00 Advanced Legal Analysis I
​Thursday, May 7 ​9:00  New York Practice II
Friday, May 8


​9:00  Property

1:30  Surrogate's Court Procedure
         State and Local Taxation


​Monday, May 11

​9:00  Business Organizations
         Trusts and Estates
          Business Torts    
1:30  Securities Regulation

​Tuesday, May 12

​9:00  Criminal Law        
1:30  Family Law
        Criminal Procedure: Investigation

Wednesday, May 13

​9:00  Sales, Payment & Related Law

1:30  Conflict of Laws
         Insurance Law


​Effective: 2/2015