LL.M. for International Law Graduates

This LL.M. program is designed for international law graduates who seek an academic program in order to qualify for admission to the New York State bar. An applicant who has studied in a foreign country may qualify to take the New York State bar examination by submitting to the New York State Board of Law Examiners satisfactory proof of the legal education as required by Part 520.6 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals for the Admission of Attorneys and Counselors at Law. For foreign law graduates whose law degree does not meet the durational equivalency requirements, the applicant can satisfy the requirements by earning an LL.M. degree from a full-time or part-time program in an approved law school in the United States.  The LL.M. Program at Albany Law School is an approved program that prepares and qualifies foreign-educated law graduates to sit for the New York Bar Examination.

Applicants for the LL.M. for International Law Graduates who intend to take the New York Bar Examination should be aware that success on the examination is a difficult task. Therefore, LL.M. candidates who plan to take the New York state bar examination are strongly encouraged to take core courses, listed below,  to maximize each candidate's ability to pass the bar examination.

To insure compliance with the Rules of the New York Court of Appeals, the LL.M. degree at Albany Law School consists of 27 credit hours of coursework that must be completed with 24 months of matriculation. Required courses are: Legal Profession, Legal Research and Writing, and either Constitutional Law, Federal Civil Procedure, or New York Practice I. The program also requires LL.M. candidates to take Advanced Legal Analysis. Advanced Legal Analysis is a specially designed course that covers bar examination topics including contracts, criminal law/criminal procedure, torts, constitutional law, property, and evidence. Students are assigned problems and exercises that are in the same format as bar questions and receive written feedback designed to make them more successful on the bar examination.

In addition to the required courses set out above, at least six credit hours must be taken from the following courses:

While only 27 credits are required to receive the LL.M. degree, candidates are encouraged to enroll in three additional credit hours that may be selected from the above courses or the full range of courses offered by the law school. Albany Law School recognizes that foreign-educated lawyers present very different backgrounds and training ( e.g., common law versus civil law and actual prior course work and experience) and we seek to build on those individual differences. Therefore, in addition to regular course work, LL.M. students are eligible to earn up to four credits by enrolling in an in-house clinical program through the Albany Law School Clinic & Justice Center. Law interns in the Clinic & Justice Center represent real clients in actual cases under the close supervision of faculty members. This experience is intended to enrich students' formal legal education and to promote students' professional development by assisting them in integrating legal doctrine and theory with actual legal practice and professional responsibility. 

All international law graduates seeking an LL.M. in this program must begin the program in August and participate in a brief orientation.

LL.M. for International Graduates - Financial Aid FAQs

Maintaining Legal Immigration Status
International students are required to maintain legal immigration status throughout their stay in the U.S. International students are required to maintain legal immigration status throughout their stay in the U.S. Please refer to the Student Guide to the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). 

The Admissions Office staff is dedicated to assisting you through the application process. We are available to answer your questions and concerns, and encourage you to contact us. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please email us at admissions@albanylaw.edu or call 518-445-2326.  ​​​