Individual Course Listings

  • Retirement Planning and Health Care in the Age of Obamacare


    Credits: 3

    The number of elderly Americans is projected to increase significantly over the next few decades. Life expectancy is still increasing; the economy and job growth are sluggish; millions of Americans lack adequate health insurance; health care costs are rising at a rate far higher than the general inflation rate; and the Administration and state governments are attempting to implement the Affordable Care Act in the face of budgetary constraints and implacable opposition from certain groups. In view of these factors, issues involving retirement planning, health care and the elderly will continue to be important for the foreseeable future, and will offer public and private job opportunities to our graduates. Accordingly, I think that it would be beneficial for us to offer a course that will give them a solid introduction to these topics without excessive duplication of issued already adequately covered in other courses. The new course will replace the existing Employee Benefits course which we have offered for many years, though not every year.

    The course will cover:

    1.      Federal pension law under ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code;

    2.      Social Security and Medicare coverage and benefits, including policy and financial issues; and

    3.       The major new rules under the Affordable Care Act relating to access to health care, how health care is provided and financed, patient protections, employer-provided benefits  and quality improvement.