Individual Course Listings

  • Advanced Legal Analysis


    Credits: 4

    This course will build on and enhance analytical,writing and organizational skills with the goal of preparing the student for success on the bar exam. It will introduce the students to the following: content of the exam, subjects tested and the scoring system, proper study techniques, critical reading, thinking, issue spotting, and writing organized essay answers in IRAC format. In addition, the course will introduce the students to strategies for answering multiple choice questions, and time management and stress reduction techniques. It will also have a mentoring component.

    The subject matter will include an intensive review of selected subjects including but not limited to the six multi state subjects contracts, criminal law/criminal procedure, torts, constitutional law, property, and evidence. The problems and exercises used will be questions in the same format as bar questions. Students will be assigned homework/ exam questions before each class and will also answer exam questions during class under timed conditions. Written feedback will be provided on written essays and the MPT.​