Chief Judge Lippman Pens Article for Albany Law Review’s Miscarriages of Justice

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The student-run journal Albany Law Review recently published the third edition of Miscarriages of Justice, a special interdisciplinary issue created in-part by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of the New York State Court of Appeals and New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr.


Based on the strength of its journals and symposia, the Albany Law Review has improved its overall ranking to 114 in the nation from 172 in 2009, including a surge of 31 places from 2011 to 2012. Among flagship journals for the country’s law schools, it has improved to 67 from 92 since 2009.


Published annually in partnership with the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice, Miscarriages of Justice is the only journal in the country that seeks to bridge the fields, to advance the study of, and suggest possible solutions to, injustice in the criminal justice system. 


The theme of the third annual issue of Miscarriages is "When the Guilty Go Free," focusing on issues in the criminal justice system that prevent or impede convictions. The issue features articles from Chief Judge Lippman and Associate Judge Robert Smith of the New York State Court of Appeals, as well as articles from three Justices of the Appellate Division. It also features a piece from Professor Christian Sundquist, as well as a foreword authored by Professor Vincent Bonventre.


The Albany Law Review publishes four books annually: a general issue, which includes coverage of its annual fall symposium; an issue covering the New York State appellate courts, New York Appeals; an issue devoted to state constitutional law, State Constitutional Commentary; and the issue published in partnership with the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice called Miscarriages of Justice.  The law review's State Constitutional Commentary issue will be published later this summer.


In addition to publications, the Albany Law Review orchestrates symposia, drawing leading academics, legal practitioners, government officials, advocates and others to the law school to discuss timely topics.


The journal’s fall 2012 symposium, "What Are We Saying? Violence, Vulgarity, Lies...And the Importance of 21st Century Free Speech," tackled freedom of speech under the First Amendment, with a focus on recent U.S. Supreme Court cases that redefined what constitutes "free speech" in the United States. Participants included American Civil Liberties Union President Susan Herman and The New York Times Supreme Court Correspondent Adam Liptak.


For spring 2013, the Albany Law Review hosted “The New York Court of Appeals: The Untold Secrets of Eagle Street," focusing on the inner workings of the New York State Court of Appeals. It featured Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, Judge Victoria Graffeo, Judge Susan Phillips Read, Judge Robert Smith, Judge Eugene Pigott, Jr., and Judge Jenny Rivera.

The current issue will be available online shortly.

The latest issues of Albany Law Review, and past issues, are available online.