Professor Finkelman's Op-ed on Jefferson and Slavery Stirs Debate

12/7/2012 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Professor Paul Finkelman’s Op-ed in The New York Times print edition on Nov. 30, 2012, was listed as the paper's “most emailed” article for that day, as well as the “most read” for that day. It stayed on top for the next day, and remained in the top 10 through the next morning.

The op-ed, titled “The Monster of Monticello,” sparked letters to the editor later in the week, and it was discussed on MSNBC's Morning Joe show and in a piece in Salon by Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg called “Who is the real Thomas Jefferson.” Further, Professor Finkelman’s webpage attracted more than 1,000 visitors during the three days that followed the Times article.