Albany Government Law Review Publishes Eminent Domain Issue

4/20/2011 | Facebook|Twitter|Email
Date: 04/20/2011

The Albany Government Law Review recently announced that its newest issue, “Eminent Domain in the United States: Public Use, Just Compensation, & ‘The Social Compact,’” is available online. The issue is also available in print effective April 20, 2011.

Albany Government Law Review’s Editor-in-Chief Bob Barrows said that the law review’s newest issue is “an impressive collection of articles, from renowned land-use scholars and practitioners, devoted to discussing the quagmire of issues surrounding the expanding use of eminent domain—this issue is a valuable addition to the world of legal scholarship.”

Associate Dean Patricia Salkin, the Raymond and Ella Smith Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Government Law Center at Albany Law School, and Professor Paul Finkelman, the President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law & Public Policy, serve as the Albany Government Law Review's faculty advisors.