Supreme Court Cites Work by Professor and Students

Supreme Court Cites Work by Professor and Students

7/2/2010 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

In the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on McDonald v. Chicago, Justice Bryer cited Professor Paul Finkelman's article, "It Really Was About a Well Regulated Militia," in his dissent opinion.

And on that same case, Justice Stevens cited an article that appeared in the first volume of the student-edited Albany Government Law Review.

The landmark 5-4 decision calls for the states to be bound to the Second Amendment.

The article by Professor Finkelman, Albany Law's President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy, appeared in the 2008 Syracuse Law Review, Vol. 59.

The article cited in the student journal was written by Carl Bogus, titled "Gun Control and America's Cities: Public Policy and Politics."

The journal's editor, third-year-student Bob Barrows, called the citing a testament "to our members hard work and dedication, and our law review's impact in the legal community." 

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