Sandman Fellowship Receives $15,000 from Albany Guardian Society

11/29/2010 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Albany Law School recently announced that Albany Guardian Society is contributing $15,000 for one year in support of the law school's Edgar & Margaret Sandman Fellowship Program.

The fellowship allows one or two Albany Law students each year the opportunity to do substantive legal research in the area of aging law and policy with the law school's Government Law Center, culminating in a report released to law and policy makers nationwide. Applications are currently under review, and the next Sandman Fellow is expected to be announced in January 2011.

"Cultivating new research and the creative ideas that stem from such work is essential to improving the quality of life for the senior citizens in our community," said Richard Iannello, executive director of the Albany Guardian Society.

"The support of partners such as the Albany Guardian Society, as well as past fellows and the Sandman family, is integral to the ongoing viability and effectiveness of the program," said Patricia Salkin, director of the GLC and an associate dean at Albany Law School.

Albany Law secured an additional $28,000 in funding for the program from past Sandman fellows and a gift from the Sandman family, thereby guaranteeing that the program will be fully funded for the next three years.

Since 1993, 28 Sandman fellows have produced 17 reports, contributing significantly to aging law and policy. The first report, "Abuse and the Durable Power of Attorney: Options for Reform" was discussed on National Public Radio and in the New York Times, as well as cited in a case by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

"The challenges created by our country's shifting age demographics, as well as the proliferation of new laws for senior citizens, have presented our Sandman fellows with ample opportunities to make a real and significant impact on aging law," said Rose Mary Bailly, special consultant on aging law issues at the Government Law Center.

Several reports from the Sandman Fellowship Program are available online at