Thirty-Five Million Watch Chaudhry '10 on Leading News Show

6/2/2009 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Ali Chaudhry '10 was recently interviewed on India's largest news network for "The Big Fight," a program watched by 35 million people. During the interview, Chaudhry discussed President Obama's policy on Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as current conditions in Pakistan.

The segment, which was broadcast from New York City, was conducted by Vikram Chandra, the CEO of New Delhi TV (NDTV), currently the largest news network in India. Chaudhry's co-panelists included Dr. Stephen Cohen from the Brookings Institute, Former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Hon. Nicholas Platt, Former Ambassador to India Hon. Frank Wisner, Prof. Arvind Panagariya from Columbia University, and Mr. Shuja Nawaz from the The Atlantic Council of the United States.