Albany Law School will not Raise Tuition next Year

Albany Law School will not Raise Tuition next Year

3/25/2009 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Albany Law School announced that it will not increase tuition for the 2009-2010 school year.  Recognizing the significant financial stress that students and prospective students are under, the Board of Trustees accepted the Administration's recommendation that tuition not be increased next year.

"We are pleased that our current and incoming students will not face any tuition increases next year," said President & Dean Thomas F. Guernsey. "Costs, however, continue to rise due to inflationary pressures - from library acquisitions to health care to routine building maintenance - so we need to be diligent in our cost savings moving forward."

Guernsey continued: "Staff members of the law school are working to identify areas where we can reduce spending to offset these inflationary pressures without undercutting academic programming."

A survey of other law schools shows sharp tuition increases, from three percent to as much as 15 percent, as well as double-digit budget cuts and the possibility of faculty salary cuts at some law schools.

"We think this is the time, more than ever, to support students," said Guernsey. To that end, he plans to increase the scholarship money awarded next year, up from $4.3 million this year.

"The affordable cost of living in the Capital Region, coupled with the fantastic education and job opportunities that Albany Law School offers, makes our school a great value," said Lauren L. Hunt, president of the Student Bar Association.

Albany Law School's tuition is currently $38,900, the third-to-lowest tuition rate of the 13 private law schools in New York state.