Albany Law School Faculty Books Garner Rave Reviews

Albany Law School Faculty Books Garner Rave Reviews

4/23/2009 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Albany Law School professors have been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from peers in the academic and legal communities for recent works of scholarship.

 Professor Timothy Lytton's book, Holding Bishops Accountable: How Lawsuits Helped the Catholic Church Confront Clergy Sexual Abuse, was published last year by Harvard University Press. Among his reviews:

" Holding Bishops Accountable is a thoroughly researched, readable, engaging account of how tort law brings about changes in public policy and in institutions. It is appropriate for several different types of political science courses."
—Review by John C. Blackeman, Dept. of Political Science, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point

"Just when I think I have read the final word on the clergy child abuse crisis an important book pops up that focuses on a new facet of the whole ordeal. What a great job law professor Tim Lytton has done to explain part-an important part-of the response to the crisis that confuses many lay folk (and some lawyers); the persuasive value of the tort system . . . Lytton has done all of us who care about the protection of children a big service by explaining the process of tort litigation and its power to influence institutional performance and policy."
—Review by Richard Sipe, Books of Note

"Timothy Lytton hits the nail on the head with this provocative book about the institutional failure of the Roman Catholic Church that led to the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of innocent children. Never before has the American tort system played such an influential role in educating the public and encouraging massive change in the way children are protected."
—Jeff Anderson, Trial Attorney, Jeff Anderson & Associates

Professor Lytton is the Albert and Angela Farone Distinguished Professor of Law and has been on the Albany Law faculty since 2000. In addition to Holding Bishops Accountable, he is also the the editor of Suing the Gun Industry: A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts (Michigan University Press 2005) and co-author of Jurisprudence, Cases and Materials: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law (Lexis 2006).

 Pioneering Women Lawyers: From Kate Stoneman to the Present has also been receiving a significant amount of positive attention. Contributors included Professor Katheryn Katz, the Kate Stoneman Chair in Law and Democracy, and the book was edited by Associate Dean Patricia Salkin. Among the reviews:

"An instructive as well as inspirational tribute to Kate Stoneman and her empowering legacy. Each of the featured women trailblazers calls us to pick up the torch and be vigilant in our work - as women lawyers and for women lawyers - to eradicate gender discrimination."
—Review by Pamela J. Roberts, Chair, American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession

"A rare find. You will be inspired by the wisdom and passion of the remarkable women within these pages, each a pathfinder in her own right. Together, they give voice to the collective truth about the challenges and opportunities of the past, present and future in our quest for justice and equality."
—Review by Kathryn Grant Madigan, President, New York State Bar Association

"Thought provoking remarks highlighting the perspectives of twelve great legal minds who happen to be women. These trailblazers celebrate our successes and prepare us for future battles and motivate us to conquer all obstacles. Inspirational!"
—Review by Laurel G. Bellows, Chair, ABA House of Delegates, Bellows and Bellows, P.C.

"This volume makes clear that Kate Stoneman's smarts, her passion, her humanity and her advocacy skills on behalf of women and all people of color continue to be an inspiration to us all."
—Review by Marina Angel, Professor of Law, Temple University School of Law