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Date: 07/09/2008

Prof. James Thuo Gathii

Since November 2007,  Business Daily Africa has featured commentaries written by Professor James Thuo Gathii, Albany Law's Governor George E. Pataki Professor of International Commercial Law. Topics of the articles range from economic partnership agreements with the East African region to mediation plans to help Kenya's political leaders reclaim their democracy.

Professor Gathii teaches Business Organizations, Public International Law, International Trade, International Business Transactions and International Organizations. He is currently in Kenya working on a book to be published by the Oxford University Press, exploring international commercial law and its relationship to economic development in the Third World, specifically sub-Saharan Africa.

Below are Prof. Gathii's Business Daily Africa commentaries.

"Introduce law to screen public asset sales" - July 9, 2008

"Why I'm inviting Monopolies boss to public debate" - July 2, 2008  

"Regulator must oversee trade competition" - June 25, 2008 

"Impunity equals economic sabotage" - May 21, 2008

"Why EAC states should allow free flow of services" - May 14, 2008

"What does CSR really mean?" - May 7, 2008

"Deal with hurdles to livestock farming, trade" - April 30, 2008

"Brokers must build their trade on trust and honour" - April 17, 2008

"An agenda for the new trade minister" - April 9, 2008

"What Safaricom failed to disclose in its prospectus" - April 4, 2008

"Asian firms flock Kenya in search of big deals" - April 1, 2008

"Were local CEOs not good enough to fix KPLC?" - March 26, 2008 

"What the coalition should seek from donors" - March 5, 2008

"Fate of private sector reforms still unknown" - February 27, 2008 

"How Kenya can deal with displacements" - January 30, 2008

"The forgotten lesson of the Akiwumi Report" - January 23, 2008 

"Use unrest to diagnose what ails Kenya" - January 16, 2008

"A 3-point mediation plan to help Kibaki and Raila reclaim our democracy" - January 4, 2008 

"Should failing companies be rescued?" - January 3, 2008

  "Demerits of the EU trade agreements" - December 19, 2007 

"Red herrings hang over sovereign bond" - December 12, 2007 

"Competition analysis crucial in mergers" - December 3, 2007

"Developing countries are afraid of ‘rigged commerce' not ‘free trade'" - November 16, 2007