New Law Review to Examine Government and Public Policy

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Date: 02/13/2008

Albany Law School has launched a new student-edited law review.  The Albany Government Law Review will semi-annually publish articles from distinguished legal scholars on significant issues relating to government law and public policy.

"There are very few law school-based academic journals that focus exclusively on this area of law," said Patricia Salkin, Associate Dean and Director of Albany Law School's Government Law Center. "We believe that this specialty law review will quickly earn a national reputation."

Salkin, the journal's faculty co-advisor, said the publication provides students with a rare opportunity to explore in-depth a wide variety of law and public policy issues.  Professor Paul Finkelman, also a co-advisor to the journal, noted that it will be a unique journal that provides an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on how law shapes the operations of government.

Editor-in-chief, Monique Mazza, a third-year law student, said that the Law School's nationally recognized Government Law Center and its location in the state capital provides a unique opportunity for students to work with and publish critical and analytical articles written by scholars on timely government and policy issues.

The inaugural issue, published earlier this month, centers around the past, present, and future of campaign finance reform. The foreword is written by New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, and articles are authored by professors, historians and lawyers from various law schools including Columbia Law School, Yale Law School, University of Virginia School of Law, Loyola Law School, and NYU School of Law.

The journal's second issue will be published in the spring. It will feature articles from the publication's inaugural symposium that focused on gun control and the Second Amendment held this past fall at Albany Law School.  The symposium, organized by the Law Review's faculty co-advisor, Paul Finkelman, the President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy, brought leading scholars to Albany Law School to discuss new ways of looking at firearms regulation, law, and history. The goal of the symposium was to break-out of the paradigm of pro- and anti-regulation scholars and activists talking at each other and instead begin to look at firearms and public safety from a wide variety of perspectives.  The conference included scholars from law, history, political, science, and public health as well as activists and lobbyists. Keynotes by Sanford Levinson of Texas Law School and Dennis Archer, the former mayor of Detroit and a past president of the American Bar Association, highlighted the conference. 

Albany Law School publishes two other student-edited law journals: Albany Law Review and the Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology.

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