Attorney Mark S. Zaid '92 Discusses Intelligence and Military Litigation

4/4/2008 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Date: 04/04/2008

Mark S. Zaid, Esq. '92, a national security attorney, discussed how he regularly wages war with the intelligence and military communities during a presentation entitled "David vs. Goliath: Challenging the United States Government's Shield of Misconduct with the Sword of Litigation" on April 3 at the law school.  

Zaid specializes in litigation and lobbying on matters relating to international transactions, torts and crimes, national security, foreign sovereign and diplomatic immunity, defamation (plaintiff) and the Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts.

He often represents whistleblowers and others who have grievances or have been wronged by agencies of the United States Government or foreign governments, as well as members of the media.

He litigated the deaths of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana. He also sued every federal judge in the United States and won.

Zaid currently represents Frank D. Wuterich, Marine squad leader charged in the killing of 24 Iraqis in Haditha, Iraq, in November, 2005.

Zaid is also the executive director and founder of the James Madison Project, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit, with the primary purpose of educating the public on issues relating to intelligence gathering and operations, secrecy policies, national security and government wrongdoing.

In connection with his legal practice on international and national security matters, Zaid has testified before, or provided testimony to, a variety of governmental bodies including the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, the House Government Operations Committee, the Department of Energy, the Public Interest Declassification Board and the Assassination Records Review Board.

He is a 1992 graduate of Albany Law School, where he served as an associate editor of the Albany Law Review. He completed his undergraduate education (cum laude) in 1989 at the University of Rochester, New York, with honors in Political Science and high honors in History. Zaid is a member of the Bars of New York State, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, and several federal courts.

This event was sponsored by the Albany Law School Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, The Albany Law School Democrats and the Muslim Law Students Association.